Photo Diary: Cleveland Road Trip!

On Thursday we drove to Cleveland to visit friends and family for a few days, and I gathered some great research to include in my upcoming city guide, which I can't wait to share with you guys. Today we are heading to Cedar Point, which I am really excited about because I love roller coasters (for the most part) but am unsure if I have the guts to actually handle …

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MSP Staycation: 72 Hours at the Row NYC

Whenever my friends plan a trip to NYC, the first thing many ask me for is a Times Square hotel recommendation. While I usually avoid the tourist spots in the city, I was recently introduced to Row NYC. Located on 8th Avenue at 44th Street, Row NYC  is located just around the corner from tons of wonderful theaters and bustling restaurants, and a 3-night stay at the hotel completely …

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Travel to Europe with Celebrity Cruises!

I have had a love affair with Europe ever since I traveled to France and Italy with my parents right after high school graduation. We celebrated a slew of big moments including my 18th Birthday, my parents turning 50 and their 25th wedding anniversary! It was quite a trip and I loved every second of it...


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VIDEO: Travel Edition, Get Ready With Me (On A Cruise)!

Hi everyone! Lately, I haven't been embedding my YouTube videos on the blog, but because I am doing major catch up right now, I wanted to at least share this Get Ready With Me video with you guys in case you wanted to see how I did my makeup on the cruise press trip!

BUT, first off, I want to write a huge DISCLAIMER about something...I had NO idea that …

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