Breakfast Picnic in the Park

dunkin-donuts-1I’ve lived in the city for over a decade now and as much as I adore the hustle and bustle, I love carving out quality time for myself outdoors to reconnect, breathe and just have “me” time. Having grown up in the PNW, I was surrounded by the ocean, so my happy place is being by a body of water, which I find incredibly calming and centering especially when I am feeling a bit burnt out by the city.dunkin-donuts-8For this particular outing, I decided to head to Williamsburg and sit down by the waterfront, which looks out over the East River and is directly across from the city. I arrived early enough that the Smorgasburg crowd hadn’t arrived yet, so I had the park almost all to myself and could sip my hot coffee and read my book in peace. I love that there is also a little beach down below, which reminds me of home.dunkin-donuts-4As much as I love getting a coffee to go from a café, I have been trying to save money by making it at home, so when Dunkin’ Donuts® at Home approached me about their new Bakery Series coffees, I was excited to give it a try. Their Bakery Series has the best, most yummiest smelling coffee ever and it was hard to choose which one to try first, but I love Cinnamon Coffee Roll as a food, so I figured it would taste great as coffee too. I was right! The combination is a rich, delicious Dunkin’ Donuts® coffee meets bakery-fresh taste, which is basically the best of both worlds. It’s taken my basic coffee up a notch for sure. You can stop in at your local grocery store, and pick up one (or all six) of the fully baked flavored coffees and give your taste buds a treat. Pricing and availability varies, but you can search via their online store locator.dunkin-donuts-2With that said, I have created a little ritual for myself by making myself a cup of coffee with a dash of cream, and picking up an everything bagel with cream cheese to go. I grab whatever book I am currently reading – right now I am way behind and still trying to finish Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” – and cozy up with a blanket on a bench by the river. dunkin-donuts-7

Where do you guys go to find peace and quiet amongst the hustle & bustle?

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