How To Layer When It’s 95 Degrees Outside


On Sunday, Casey and I met up with friends at The Standard Beer Garden in the Meatpacking District. Even in the late afternoon, it was still 95 degrees outside, which is crazy and you feel like you want to just walk around in a bathing suit. But after battling extreme heat day after day, I get pretty tired of just wearing the same shapeless sundress or basic tank and shorts. I want to still attempt to look stylish even if it’s roasting outside!

So I decided to take it up a notch and actually style myself despite the sweltering weather. I was hot, but because this white lightweight sheath of a dress is so breathable and flowy it allowed for my skin to breathe and not feel smothered. I wore a silky slip underneath since the top layer is see-through and belted it to create a more shapely silhouette.

Now onto the hair. When you have long hair and you wear it down when it’s hot, it can really add extra heat. So I always make sure to whip my hair up into either a messy bun or milkmaid braids (watch my tutorial here!) so that I still feel cute without my neck feeling like I’m wearing an unnecessary summer scarf.




I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and here’s to a productive and happy week! xo

Photos by: Casey :)

Sunglasses: Forever 21 / Dress: Forever 21 / Slip: Unknown / Bag: UGG (old – below are some similar options)  / Shoes: Nine West (old – I searched all over to try and find something similar but was only able to come up with one sort of similar pair below – sorry!) / Belt: J.Crew

Get the look here:

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