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Christine Cameron of My Style Pill at lunch wearing Ray-Bun Sunglasses from Cohen's Fashion Optical 6For those of you that have been reading this blog for a while now or that know me personally, know that I have a deep love for sunglasses…

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DSC_1721Click here to see the original post from 2014.

Lately I’ve been living in overalls, and in light of my two most recent posts (click here and here), I thought it would be fun to dig up past posts to how I styled these same black overalls over the years. The funny thing is, I am wearing a different striped top in each of these looks, one year apart, unplanned of course. I guess I am a creature of habit…

Christine-Cameron-My-Style-Pill-Black-Overalls-rag-and-bone-boots-madewell-bag-new-york-city-west-village4Click here to see this original post from 2015.Christine Cameron of My Style Pill wearing black overalls from Zara and a striped turtleneck 3Black Overall RemixWhich look is your favorite?

Shop black overalls and striped tops below…

Christine Cameron of My Style Pill wearing black overalls from Zara and a Paige blouse 4Do you guys ever get confused on exactly how you’re supposed to style those blouses with the ties that hang down (also known as pussy bow blouses)? I think they are meant to literally be tied in a bow, but I have never felt like that look fit my style, so I decided to tweak it a bit…

Outfit Details:

Henri Bendel Sunglasses (gift) | Paige Blouse | Zara Overalls (similar style) | Schutz Shoes (similar style)

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christine scarf-13

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am really into neckerchiefs/bandanas lately, so I thought I would share a couple different outfits wearing my new favorite silk scarf. Click on the “read more” below to see outfit number two!

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I am not the biggest fan of tight fitting clothing as I am sure many of you know…I basically live in boyfriend jeans and turtlenecks. But that said, I do like the idea and look of body-con skirts when worn and styled correctly.

SHAPE_5Case in point, this ankle length, super fitted ribbed skirt with a big slit up the thigh. I scooped it up the other week when I was in Zara and decided to challenge myself by wearing it with something other than an oversized baggy sweater that would totally hide my shape. I started by wearing the skirt without shapewear and I felt okay but definitely not as structured or shapely as I wanted to look.

SHAPE_2So I took it a step further and pulled on my Hi- Waist Long Leg Shaper by Wacoal, which creates a nice lift to your seat while shaping your midsection and thighs, redefining and flattering your natural curves. And because they are virtually seamless with leg openings for the smoothest possible look and feel under clothing, no rolling up or bunching happens. So when I pulled the undergarment on, I immediately noticed that everything seemed tighter and more toned looking. Win win!

SHAPE_4SHAPE_3SHAPE_1All of these perks helped boost my confidence in wearing it in the first place and made me feel comfortable enough to pair it with a cropped sleeveless sweater, (progress!) a structured blazer and my favorite high heels. Overall, I felt comfortable (the high-waisted aspect of the shapewear comes up right below your ribs so you can still breathe) and very feminine. What are your thoughts on shapewear? Do you wear it, and if so, how different do you feel when it’s on? Head on over to Wacoal to check out their other awesome shapewear options. Also, I would love to know your thoughts on this so make sure to leave your comments below! 

Photos by: Lydia Hudgens
This post was in collaboration with Wacoal. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all My Style Pill collaborations! xo


I recently teamed up with NYDJ to create an outfit to share on Instagram, but I loved the pieces so much I wanted them share on the blog as well! My jeans, top and jacket are all from NYDJ and I loved the fit and style of each item. I also loved that I didn’t have to hem the flares because they were already the right length for me. That is a always win-win in my book!


Nail polish (gift) / Sunglasses


Photos by: Keiko Lynn

Outfit Details: 

Coat, Blouse, Jeans / Clutch (similar) / Sunglasses / Nail Polish / Lipstick


Lately, New York has been a yo-yo as far as weather goes and it can be hard to dress for because, well personally I run hot, so either I get too warm but then immediately chilly! Does anyone else have this problem?

Anyway, it’s not a secret that layers are key when dealing with transitional weather, so for yesterday’s weather, which ranged from 57 to 62 degrees, I opted for a turtleneck sweater, a wrap scarf and a light-weight wool coat. I was able to add and subtract layers depending on the temperature so I was comfortable throughout the day.






Sunglasses / Jacket (similar) / Scarf (similar) / Sweater / Jeans (gift) / Pumps (similar) / Clutch / Pumps

DAY1_1 When I first moved to New York, I lived on the Upper West Side. I loved it up there because it felt safe and quaint, yet still a part of the big city. After living there for a year I became familiar with the different avenues and eventually made my way down to Columbus Circle to explore, which is on 59th street. The Shops at Columbus Circle are pretty amazing and quite a destination spot if you ask me. There are so many stores there plus the fact that there is a huge Whole Foods, an Equinox, plus many restaurants and more.


Side note: For those of you that have been following my blog for years now, might remember this post I did a four years back with Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. So when the brand approached me again about working together, it was a no brainer!



So with all that said, I recently partnered with The Shops at Columbus Circle with the plan of action to spot five lucky people shopping and gift them great pieces from The Shops that would complement what they were already wearing. You can read on to see how the weekend went!


First off, I saw these two cute friends and their adorable babies and new they would be the perfect fit for the items I had in store. One being a pair of classic black Ray Ban Wayfarers from Solstice Sunglass Boutique, and the other, a grey Eileen Fisher circle scarf. They already looked so cute in what they were wearing, that is was so easy to style them with one extra accessory each.​


For Jessica, I thought that they Rayban wayfarers would be the perfect piece to edge up her outfit a bit. The size of the frames looked great on her face and her little boy seemed to love them too, so it was a win win.

And for Tiffany, I liked her striped dress a lot and thought that the grey circle scarf would really complement the colors she was already wearing plus her overall look.
Next up came Todd, who was visiting with his wife from Florida and they were about to get a glass of wine after shopping all day before I snagged him! I really dug his relaxed style but loved how he still looked put together. I knew that just a couple accessories could elevate his look in no time.

I chose this wool grey tie from J.Crew for him and a blue and white silk pocket square from Thomas Pink, just for fun, to take his afternoon look straight to pre-dinner cocktails.


The next girl I found was named Julie and she was just shopping around killing some time before meeting a friend for lunch. Since my gift was a few bracelets from Satya Jewelry, I thought her outfit would be perfect with the addition of some pretty black and gold bangles. They accented her classic gold watch so well and I loved that they played off her already white and black ensemble.




After Julie, I spotted another young girl shopping around named Katelyn, who I thought would be perfect for the next gift! I had found some really pretty delicate necklaces in Montmartre and since her original look was fairly straightforward and simple with no jewelry, I knew this girl’s outfit would be even more perfect with just the addition of these two pieces.




Lastly I ran into such a sweet guy named Eric coming out of the New York Running Company Store. He already had a great athletic look going on, but was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts. As the weather starts to get chillier, I thought that the pullover shell I had selected from the store would be a great and practical piece for not only seasonal running but also just hanging out with friends.



The day was super successful and I think everyone went home happy with their gifts. It was a great time and I loved meeting new people and spending time in such an awesome space. If you are ever in town or live up near the park, make sure to head on over to The Shops at Columbus Circle and check it out! xo

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