1Now that I am blonde again, which I haven’t been since college, I started thinking back about all the different hair styles I’ve experimented with since I began blogging, 7 1/2 years ago.

I’ve had my hair long, short, shoulder length, bangs and then long again. I’ve also had light as well as dark brown hair, auburn hair, ombre hair and now currently I’m a blonde! It was really fun to dig into the archives and see how different I looked throughout the years, and remember what was going on in my life at that time. I scoured my Flickr account and was able to select and then group together all of these photos in order from 2009 to now, so it’s chronological, which makes it fun to see.

Anyway, I’ll let the photos do the talking. Hope you enjoy! xo

(Sorry about the quality of some of the photos – one or two of them were already sized much smaller so I had to make do with what I had available.)23456789101112Also, me with bangs at 32 and at 28…13xoxo

Cruise Teaser Post1Just wanted to say a quick hello and to let you know that I am currently working on the full recap post of my week long trip with Celebrity Cruises to the Caribbean! I landed Sunday evening and then had a fun video shoot yesterday, so to be honest I haven’t even had a moment to unpack let alone go through all the photos and videos I took on the trip. But I can’t wait to sort them and also pull together and edit the YouTube video I am going to create this week for you guys. So! Lots to look forward to, but in the meantime, here are a few photos I snapped on my phone last week. Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday so far and as always, thanks for stopping by! xo
Cruise Teaser Post3 Cruise Teaser Post4 Cruise Teaser Post5Cruise Teaser Post2 Cruise Teaser Post6 Cruise Teaser Post7

See more fun photos from my trip on my Instagram!


Photo by Falcon Griffith

I have lived in New York for eleven and a half years now, which is crazy to think about. Over the years, I have found that I’ve acquired my favorite spots to do things such as work, eat, drink and shop, so when StyleCaster and H&M asked to collaborate with me on a project sharing my favorite haunts, I was definitely down to share! Since I live downtown, I decided to focus on the West Village and Meatpacking District as my focal points to keep it local and easy to navigate. My mini city diary guide is now live on StyleCaster so if you’d like to see and read more, click HERE! Thanks for following along! xo

Puerto-Rico-Celebrity-Silhouette-Cruise-Christine-Cameron-My-Style-Pill1Photo in Old San Juan, taken by Krystal Bick

Outfit Details:

J.Crew Panama Hat | Illesteva Sunglasses | Calypso Dress (mine is old but here their newer version) |JustFab Bag (gift) | Tahari Sandals (old) | Flaca Jewelry Earrings (gift) | MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger

Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in and say hello and apologize for not posting anything here for the past couple of days. I am currently on a press trip with Celebrity Cruises in the Caribbean and unfortunately the Wi-Fi is a bit spotty, but you can always follow along with me on my travels via Instagram and Snapchat at @mystylepill (wherever I get a signal) so make sure to tune in! xoxo


I am not the biggest fan of tight fitting clothing as I am sure many of you know…I basically live in boyfriend jeans and turtlenecks. But that said, I do like the idea and look of body-con skirts when worn and styled correctly.

SHAPE_5Case in point, this ankle length, super fitted ribbed skirt with a big slit up the thigh. I scooped it up the other week when I was in Zara and decided to challenge myself by wearing it with something other than an oversized baggy sweater that would totally hide my shape. I started by wearing the skirt without shapewear and I felt okay but definitely not as structured or shapely as I wanted to look.

SHAPE_2So I took it a step further and pulled on my Hi- Waist Long Leg Shaper by Wacoal, which creates a nice lift to your seat while shaping your midsection and thighs, redefining and flattering your natural curves. And because they are virtually seamless with leg openings for the smoothest possible look and feel under clothing, no rolling up or bunching happens. So when I pulled the undergarment on, I immediately noticed that everything seemed tighter and more toned looking. Win win!

SHAPE_4SHAPE_3SHAPE_1All of these perks helped boost my confidence in wearing it in the first place and made me feel comfortable enough to pair it with a cropped sleeveless sweater, (progress!) a structured blazer and my favorite high heels. Overall, I felt comfortable (the high-waisted aspect of the shapewear comes up right below your ribs so you can still breathe) and very feminine. What are your thoughts on shapewear? Do you wear it, and if so, how different do you feel when it’s on? Head on over to Wacoal to check out their other awesome shapewear options. Also, I would love to know your thoughts on this so make sure to leave your comments below! 

Photos by: Lydia Hudgens
This post was in collaboration with Wacoal. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all My Style Pill collaborations! xo


Confession: I have had the same bed for 11 years. You are really only supposed to keep a mattress for ten, so clearly I was due for a new one. The mattress was just getting so soft and misshapen but the worst part was the box spring and how squeaky it was whenever either of us shifted or got up during the night.

Casey and I have been dealing with this situation for a while and finally decided it was time to bite the bullet and start searching for a new bed, but we weren’t sure where to begin. There are so many options out there and every brand boasts that they are the best. The thing is, everyone’s sleep positions and patterns are different, so who is to know what is best for you, let alone two people sharing the same bed! I was dreading the idea of having to head to a Sleepy’s and try out a million mattresses before finally coming to a decision. So when Helix approached us about coming in and creating a custom bed, we of course both jumped at the chance.

(Although my mattress was old, I always remind myself that there are many people out there less fortunate than me, and I am lucky to even have a bed. But, I digress.)

Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress14Everyone who works at Helix is beyond nice and very patient. They let you settle in and chat with you a bit about the process before you begin taking their test, which helps determines the best bed for you. You are also given the option to create a blended or split bed (we opted for blended) and it asks everything from your shape to weight to height to sleep position and temperature (whether you run hot or cold). I found all these questions super helpful and never really thought about how something like my height versus Casey’s could affect how we sleep.Helix - bed quizHelix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress3Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress18Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress13Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress5Once you have figured out what the ideal bed is for you, they begin to create it right then and there! They pull out these drawers that have every level of soft to firm sample pads to create all different versions of a potential mattress.Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress7Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress6The first bed we tried was medium firm, and it was wonderful, but I tend to sleep on my stomach and often wake up with my back feeling unsupported and sore, so I knew I needed a bit more firmness. They quickly swapped out one side for me to try so I could compare the two. Then Casey gave it a try and we both agreed we liked the slightly firmer option. I loved how customized the experience was and that after we finished, we knew exactly the type of bed that was going to arrive at our apartment in just about a week and a half!
Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress8We definitely took our time trying out all our sleeping positions and making sure we were comfortable. :)

Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress9Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress10Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress11Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress12CHEEESEY, yes, but hey, how often do you get to have a fun mini photoshoot with your boyfriend in a beautiful sun drenched showroom, on a mattress, no less?! 
Helix - Casey and I kissingHelix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress16Thank you SO much Helix for such a wonderful experience during our showroom appointment, as well as walking us through everything, answering our many questions and helping us get an amazing bed that has truly changed the quality of our sleep. Learn more about Helix here! xoxo


For those of you that follow on me Instagram or Facebook, I am sure you saw the first photo I shared of my gallery wall or this photo, which is similar to the one above. I love my apartment and have lived in it for quite a long time now, first with a roommate, then by myself and now with Casey, and it’s truly become my New York home. I say New York home because I also consider my house in Seattle, my other home. Call me bi-coastal I guess. :) Anyway, I have been working really hard at getting the space to where I want it (with Casey weighing in as well of course) and last night I was finally happy enough with it to take a photo to share the progress with you guys!

Changes made:

Paint: The main wall used to be a dark turquoise and now it’s a pretty light gray. I love it so much.

Gallery wall: It’s finally hung – it only took me a few years. Eeep! The prints are a mix of things I have collected over the years as well as pieces from Minted (this one makes me smile and this one will be hung in the bedroom) and The Animal Print Shop (this and this). I used a great guy named Jason from Thumbtack to hang everything – he was friendly, fast and professional.

Art: The Givenchy print, which I got from One Kings Lane, used to be on the wall between the two windows, but I swapped it out with our new print, courtesy of Minted.

Chair: I brought my acrylic chair from Ikea up from my office and decided to use it as accent seating versus the previous dark velvet chair I had there before. I just felt like the shape and material of the new piece lightened up the space more and I had fun covering it in a faux sheepskin throw and cheeky Kate Spade throw pillow. I also found a perfect spot to display my ten years worth of Vogue magazines without taking up any room!


Changes coming:

Rug: Planning on ordering this one.

Plant: It will go in the far corner next to the other window and according to The Sill, I think this one or this one will do well with the amount of light and space.

Pillows: I have the inserts, so now we just need different cases to freshen up our couchscape.

Table tray: I love this one in gold from West Elm.

Ottoman: I can’t decide between this one or this one.

Paint: We painted the main wall a pretty light gray but now I am thinking about painting the whole room the same shade. I am not loving how the “apartment white” on the other walls looks so yellow in comparison.

Stay tuned for more updates on my Snapchat, Instagram, (both handles are @mystylepill) and of course, here on the blog! xo

Kate Spade Coat Two Ways

Outfit Details:

Kate Spade Coat (gift) | Uniqlo Sweater (this one is only $84 and is available on Shopbop, which is part of their big sale that are currently having) | Artitzia “Daria” Vegan Leather Leggings (similar) | Vince Camuto Boots (gift – mine are sold out but here is another pair I have and love, and they are 50% off!) | Celine Bag

So I know I have been sharing this coat a lot on the blog and on Instagram lately but I just wanted to share these photos that I took with Lydia last month, which show you guys the two different ways this jacket can be worn, since it’s actually reversible. I wore it the furry side out on the blog yesterday, but mostly I’ve been wearing it with the leather on the outside because it does an excellent job of battling the crazy wind chill we’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks. Ok, I digress, but seriously, I love this coat. Thanks again Kate Spade! xo







Photos by: Lydia Hudgens

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