The Mamuye Tote

( I also love this scarf and blanket.)

This beautiful tote was handmade by a woman named Mamuye, who works for fashionABLEThe site’s mission is to help create sustainable business in Africa, with the main focus on creating opportunities for vulnerable women. So for every purchase that is made, jobs are being created so that the women are not dependent upon charity, but instead are a vital part of a developing economy. I also love how every product offered on the site is named after the woman who made it. Read about Mamuye’s story here. xo






Photos by: Helena Glazer

P.S. I love the look of a really weathered and worn-in leather bag, don’t you?

(Buy the Mamuye Tote here.)

Outfit Credits:

Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Blouse: J.Crew / Sweater: Everlane (gift – available in light grey) /Necklace: Stripes & Sequins x Bauble Bar (gift) / Bag: Mamuye Tote (gift) / Pants: Zara / Boots: Rag & Bone / Lipstick: MAC in Rebel


Cargo Leather Biker Jacket: All Saints / Sculptural Ribbon Cuff: Alexis Bittar / Turtleneck: American Apparel

I’ve been a fan of Alexis Bittar’s jewelry since 2005, when I was first introduced to it while working as an intern in the accessories closet at InStyle. I remember the pieces that the editors would call in for shoots and thinking how chic and amazing the rings, bracelets and necklaces looked. I continued to admire his jewelry whenever I would pass by this store on Bleecker, thinking how fun it would be to wear one of his amazing statement bangles. Flash forward to 2012 when I was working with a client and we were pouring over her collection of Alexis Bittar pieces that she had cumulated over the years, I was still admiring the style and shape of his jewelry. And now, here we are today, where I get to style up my very own selected pieces from Alexis Bittar’s collection and share them with you on my blog. Pretty exciting in my book!


Super Duper Strength Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Turtleneck: American Apparel / Gold Crescent Necklace: Alexis Bittar / Bag: Chanel (borrowed from Bella Bag)


Sculptural Ribbon Cuff: Alexis Bittar / Jeans: Koral (gift – unfortunately, I can’t find these online anymore, but these are very similar and ON SALE!)


Photos by: Casey Krehbiel

The pieces I chose are very wearable and versatile, and I know I will be wearing them for years to come.



Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Sweater: Top Shop (borrowed from Helena) / Jeans: Frame (gift) / Boots: Rag & Bone / Bag: Bella Bag (on loan)  Lipstick: MAC in Rebel

Happy Tuesday! Last week I attended a Juicy Couture event thrown by SheKnows for the launch of Juicy’s new perfume, Viva La Juicy Couture Gold. It was held at Gold Bar downtown, which was the perfect venue since not only was the name fitting but the decor was extremely decadent and dripping with gold embellishments. There was champagne to be drank and perfume to be spritzed, plus a super fun photo booth that Casey and I beelined for where we draped ourselves in a pink boa and funny accessories. The night was quite a success and I’ve actually been wearing the perfume nonstop. It has notes of vanilla, golden amber, berries, honeysuckle and caramel. Super sweet, but somehow not overly so. Casey sure seems to like it, so that always helps. :) If you pass a Sephora or Nordstrom anytime soon, stop in and give this perfume a try and let me know what you think! xoxo


Bag: Chanel (borrowed from Bella Bag) / Rings: Alexis Bittar (gift)


Juicy’s new perfume, Viva La Juicy Couture Gold



Here are a few photos from the event, if you’d like to see…



Top: Marimekko (gift) / Necklace: Stripes & Sequins x Bauble Bar (gift) / Jeans: Frame (gift) /Bag: Chanel (borrowed from Bella Bag)


my-style-pill-juicy-couture-event-photo-booth-christine-cameron-nyc1 xoxo



This weekend I experienced my very first NFL game by going to a Browns home game in Cleveland. Truth be told, I grew up in a more baseball-centric household, so football was never really on my radar. But recently, I started paying attention to the Seahawks as my Seattle friends got me involved in watching the games while I was home, and then of course when we won the Superbowl, that sure helped a lot. :) But I don’t pretend to be a diehard football fan for the Seahawks or any other team since I am so new to it and don’t want to seem like a fair weather fan.

That said, Casey IS a diehard Browns fan and hasn’t missed a home opener game in over twelve years. So we decided to turn the weekend into a mini road trip and drive from New York to Ohio. (Thanks for loaning us a car, Ford!) We borrowed a cute little white Ford Fusion Hybrid and left bright and early on Saturday morning. It took us about 8 hours with only one or two stops along the way and luckily we didn’t hit any traffic or road work. We listened to music, talked, caught up on our week and laughed a lot. I love road trips.


Sunday morning we tailgated for three hours (I opted for tea :) then headed to the stadium at 1PM. If any of you guys are Browns fans or heard about their win, the touchdown happened in the last few minutes and was pretty incredible. I think Casey is still in shock that the Browns actually won a game.


The crowded walk to the stadium.


All is all, it was a great weekend.

Today we are back on the road again to start heading home to New York, but first plan on swinging through either Pittsburg or Columbus to break up the drive a bit. If any of you are from either area, I would love suggestions on what to do, where to eat/stay. Thanks! Hope your weekend was nice and relaxing. xo

P.S. Are you guys football fans? If so, who do you root for?



This past Tuesday, I was asked to attend and cover the The New York Art Institute’s fashion show, where 13 students and graduates would debut their Spring/Summer 2015 collections. I had never attended this type of show before so I was really excited to see what it would be like. (You can actually watch the full show here and learn all about each designer that presented.)


After I grabbed my press pass, I went backstage and snapped a couple photos right before the show began. It’s always fun to see “behind-the-scenes” action of the models getting prepped and ready to walk the runway.




From where I stood…in the photographer’s pit! It was exhilarating. I tried really hard to fit in. Thankfully I was wearing all black.


Standing in the pit, I had front row access that allowed me to snap some great photos. Like I said, I had never attended this type of show before and was really impressed with what I saw. Below are some of my favorite looks. I loved the sheathy dresses, silky materials and the updated slip dress. A lot of the pieces had a total 90s vibe going on, which I was really into.



Below are some of the designers and their models. This part was really special and I loved see the look on the designer’s faces as they walked the runway at the very end. Their expressions were priceless: a mix of excitement, relief and satisfaction. So great to see!



The show flew by and before I knew it, it was over I was back outside again. Before I hopped on the subway to head home, I snapped a quick shot of this building, which is the Opera house at Lincoln Center. It’s so majestic looking at night. Anyway, the show was a success and I feel so lucky that I was able to attend. Thank you so much to Refinery29 and The Arts Institute for having me and letting me be involved in this special experience. Congrats to all the designers and models involved! xo


This is the only photo I could find from early September 2004. A group of us had decided to take a girls trip to Vegas for Labor Day as sort of a last summer hurrah. I still had one quarter left to graduate and needed an internship to finish my degree. I had decided that I wanted to complete it in New York and had to actually schedule the phone interview with Lifetime Television while I was in Vegas. I ended up taking the call in the hallway of the hotel and a few hours later found out that I had gotten the job. The back of this photo says 9/6/04, which means this was taken just days before I flew from Seattle on a one-day ticket to New York with my parents, two suitcases and my determination…the rest is history.

We arrived at JFK around dusk, found our hotel, which was a Holiday Inn down on the cusp of Soho and Chinatown, and ventured out for dinner. Not knowing where to go, we ended up getting a recommendation to eat at a place in Little Italy called Positano. Afterward, we made our way down to the Ground Zero to pay our respects to those who suffered because of this tragedy. At that point, it had only been three years since it had happened and the site was still very raw. It was my first time being down there since 1994 and it was incredibly emotional. Missing persons fliers were posted on the fences, candles were lit, people were crying. I cried. I will never forget that day and try and make my way down there every year, to reflect and remember.

The next four days were a blur as we raced around the city looking at apartments, not knowing what neighborhoods were ideal to live in or what rent was reasonable to pay to sublet a room in a stranger’s apartment. I ended up spending my first month on the Upper West Side on 82nd between Columbus and Central Park West with four other random tenants. 

Over the next few days my parents got me all set up with a blow up mattress, bedding, and a laptop, and before I knew it, it was Monday. I made my way to Midtown and began my first day on the job as an intern first at Lifetime Television. My first night alone in the city, I stopped into a bodega after work and bought myself a turkey sandwich, chips and a diet coke before settling into my new room. I remember sitting on my air mattress, watching  “You’ve Got Mail” on my laptop, eating my sandwich and slowly realizing the move I had just made and the reality of my situation. But I didn’t panic, instead I felt happy, excited and content that I was finally in New York City. I felt I belonged and was on my way. 

I had no idea what would come next, what the next week would bring, let alone the next year, or ten years, but from that point on, the ride has been unforgettable. I have made incredible friends and had many hilarious and memorable nights running around the city. I finally found a great apartment, had a slew of very interesting internships and jobs, survived the recession, started my own business, and have worked with and continue to work with amazing brands and people. I feel so incredibly blessed to have experienced such an amazing first ten years in New York (am I finally considered a New Yorker?!?!) and look forward to the next ten being even bigger and better.

I want to thank my Mom and Dad for their continuous love, support and belief in me, I couldn’t have done it without you guys. And thank you to all of you out there (you know who you are) for shaping and continuing to shape my time in this glorious city. I am one lucky, lucky, lucky girl. xo

*Today is a very bittersweet day. It has been thirteen years since the 9/11 attacks. It’s also my friend Rachel’s Birthday and my ten-year and Casey’s two-year anniversary of living in New York. September 11th is a day, that although it may represent something different to each of us, it will be remembered by all of us. xo


Lincoln Center, in all it’s glory.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! For some reason this week feels like it’s passing by fairly slowly. But not necessarily in a bad way. Just each day seems so full, from early mornings to late nights, yet I don’t feel overwhelmed by it, just aware that it’s still only Wednesday. Does that make sense?

That said, I am happy it’s Wednesday, because tonight is my Marimekko event, which I will be hosting from 5-8 at their 5th avenue flagship store on the corner of 23rd street. Please feel free to swing by and say hi! Just say my name, Christine Cameron / My Style Pill, at the door. It will be a blast.

I am also looking forward to Thursday, because it’s a very special day for me (more to come on that tomorrow) and then of course Friday is always great because it means the weekend is just a hop, skip and jump away. However, while we wait for our beloved Saturday and Sunday to roll around, here are my photos from this past weekend. I know they are a little late. But better late than never, right?!


The relaxing UGG Australia lounge upstairs and inside the bustling tents at Lincoln Center.


Watching the fashion week crowd from above.


Street style photography in action.


Temporary mural on Delancey.





The other part of my weekend consisted of a long walk along the East River with two of my close friends and a 9-month-old puppy my friend is temporarily fostering. Above is a picture of her. She is named Freyja (pronounced Fray-yah) and is the sweetest thing. She loves other dogs and really just needs a stable, loving environment and permanent home. She is up for adoption, so if you are interested, email me at or leave a comment below and I can help you get in touch with the rescue organization that found her. To learn more about this little pup, view her page HERE. xo



Just a fun little midday week announcement to let you guys know that I was asked to participate in a beauty challenge feature for New York Magazine’s The Cut! I’m very excited, as I am a huge fan of everything New York Magazine. The task at hand was to create three different looks with what product was given to me, which consisted of various eyeshadow sticks, colored eyeliners, mascara and lipstick. Then document the different looks through three step by step selfies. Each look also had to be worn to a New York Fashion event or show. It’s been really fun to play around with the makeup, and having never used Marc Jacob beauty products before, I have to say, I really like them. (I already know a few of them that will be living in my bag and on repeat during the fall and winter months.) Anyway, the challenge will go live on The Cut tomorrow, so keep an eye out. I will be tweeting all about it! As always, thanks for your enthusiasm and continuous support. xo