French-Connection-Striped-Dress-camo-jacket 6


Sunglasses | Jacket | Dress (gift) | Clutch | Shoes | NecklaceLipstick

I used to love this combo together and somewhere along the way, stopped doing a ton of pattern mixing. But the truth is, I really like doing it and I really like the way these three prints look paired together. I also haven’t worn statement jewelry in a while so it felt fun to revisit this oversized necklace, which is still one of my favorites and was about $15 from Forever 21!

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denim shorts with kenneth cole blue mules 2


Sunglasses | Shirt | Tank | Shorts | Mules | Bag

Denim shorts can be tricky. They are either waaaay too short, can have a saggy butt if they are too big or be an awkward length that isn’t flattering…read more >

Link love 2 photo

Doing tree pose above Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon

I flew back to New York on a red eye this past Monday morning after being in Utah and Seattle for two weeks, and have definitely been a little jet lagged the past few days. I meant for this post to go up when I got back but had a few things come up, which is why it’s a late, so I’m sorry about that. But, lucky for you guys, that means you get two new posts today!

Anyway, hopefully you guys are feeling more rested than I am (hello three hour time difference), but if are feeling slow this morning, here are some fun links from around the web to ease you into your day. I hope you all had a great weekend and here’s to having a wonderful week!

Two weeks worth of posts:

What To Pack: Camping and Hiking in Bryce Canyon

Video: Blow & Style with Sassoon

“The Christine” Swim Cover-up For Cooper & Ella x Dream Hotels!

A Pop of Red

Monday Reading: Link Love

My Summer Uniform and How To Style Birkenstocks

How To Dress Up Denim Cutoffs


Some  more fun links:

I picked up this book at the beginning of our trip and could hardly put it down!

I finally got to experience what it was like to hike in a river.

Obsessed with these oversized sunnies.

How cute are these gray summer sandals?

A baby giraffe joins Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo.

One of my Mom’s favorite dog Instagram accounts.

Just saw this touching movie and highly recommend it.


Now some fun links courtesy of my lovely intern, Keaton.

I’m obsessed with these lamps (here’s an affordable version as well).

I swear by this face cream, I would never use anything else.

This is my favorite sunglass brand.

I’m guilty of wearing boots and booties year round – I love these.

The only eye liner I use.

After reading this I’m definitely fluent in fashion week. ;)

If you missed it, here’s last week’s Link Love!




Buttondown with denim shorts and Kenneth Cole denim heeled sandals 1


Sunglasses | Shirt | Shorts | Sandals (gift) | Bag (gift)

I know I’ve been wearing these shorts a lot on here lately but I’m telling you, when I find a good pair of denim cutoffs, which can be hard to find, I essentially live in them during the summer. They go with everything and can be dressed up and down simply by swapping out the shoes you are wearing. Case in point, these heeled sandals immediately elevate the look, whereas if I had chosen to wear Birkenstocks instead, the whole aesthetic would feel totally different.

Side note, if you like Birkenstocks and are curious how to style them, check out Wednesday’s post and this video for style ideas!

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French Connection Cargo jacket with striped shirt and denim cutoffs 3


Sunglasses | Jacket | Tee | Shorts (I sized up to make them looser and look more relaxed) | Birkenstocks

As we head into June and the weather continues to get warmer, my daily uniform becomes a pair of denim cutoffs, a loose t-shirt and my trusty Birkenstocks. I now have four pairs of them and really want to snag a navy blue pair next! If you guys are curious on other ways to style them, check out my video below which shows how I wear them!

French Connection Cargo jacket with striped shirt and denim cutoffs 4French Connection Cargo jacket with striped shirt and denim cutoffs 5French Connection Cargo jacket with striped shirt and denim cutoffs 1

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

P.S. Check out my Birkenstock video below! It’s from last year but do guys think I should make another one for the summer months? Let me know in the comments below!


For the past week, my family and I have been camping and hiking in and around Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park, and it’s so amazing here! To be able to disconnect, be fully present with my family, soak up my surroundings and take a bit of a digital cleanse seems to be exactly what I’ve needed. Unfortunately it tends to be a rarity these days but it’s so important to take time off from the internet, our computer and phones, don’t you think?

In a few days we are going to road trip back to Seattle so I can see my Grandmother, who is 101 (!) and a few other loved ones, but for now, here are some fun links from around the web that I wanted to share with you guys. Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous week! xo

I’ve been reading this book and can’t put it down. Thanks for lending it to me, Grace!

Recent Forever purchases include these nude pom pom ankle strap heels, this nude slip dress and these faux suede blush slides. (I’m sensing a color theme here…)

My collaboration with Cooper & Ella + Dream Downtown was covered in WWD!

Banana Republic finds include this wide brim, brown straw hat, (which also happens to be one of Olivia Palermo’s picks), another pair of suede slides this time in a rich “whiskey” brown and this crisp white off the shoulder shirt.

The Real Problem With Being Child-Free and Unmarried In Your Mid-30s


Next up, my lovely intern, Keaton.

Here are some links she’s been loving from around the web!

I’m really into this jacket because it’s cool and lightweight, and fits my compulsive need to bring a coat everywhere even if its 100 degrees outside!

Since I’m obsessed with denim on denim, these overalls are my best friend.

Now that it’s summer I’m looking forward to finally finishing this book.

Perfect for small spaces and adding some extra seating to a room.

The funniest comedy special I’ve ever seen.

Has my mug search finally come to an end?

Really digging these workout leggings.

Such a cool article.

Have a great week friends and don’t forget to stop by here this week because there will be some fun posts up about my summer uniform, and how to dress up denim shorts!  xo

French-Connection-Denim-Skirt-with-Red-Bag-and-Black-Off-The-Shoulder 2


Hat | Sunglasses | Scarf | Top (gift) | Skirt | Sandals | Bag (gift) | Lipstick

I love adding a pop of red to my outfits and thought that this bag and lipstick would be the perfect touches to this black on denim outfit. I just feel like it gives the overall outfit some “umph” you know?

French-Connection-Denim-Skirt-with-Red-Bag-and-Black-Off-The-Shoulder 5

I’ve owned this long skinny black scarf for a while and always love finding new ways to wear it. Earlier in the year I wore it around my neck like this, but think it would also be really cute tied in a bow over a crisp white button down.

French-Connection-Denim-Skirt-with-Red-Bag-and-Black-Off-The-Shoulder 1 Top

Photos by: Lydia Hudgens

How do you guys feel about the color red? Do you like wearing it or does it feel intimidating or too bold?

Cooper & Ella pool group shot 3

I have some more exciting news you guys! A few weeks ago, I teamed up with my girls, Krystal and Grace for an exclusive swim cover-up collab and photoshoot for Cooper & Ella x Dream Hotels! You can now shop “The Christine”, “The Krystal” and “The Grace” prints at The Beach at Dream Downtown at their pop-up inside the hotel, so definitely swing by if you’re in the area. (The weekly summer pop-up will be every Thursday until August, weather permitting, and day passes to the pool are $65, which you can purchase in the lobby.) You can preview the collection here!

Click through to see more photos from our photoshoot at The Beach – there are some fun ones!

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