Helix Sleep To The Rescue!


Confession: I have had the same bed for 11 years. You are really only supposed to keep a mattress for ten, so clearly I was due for a new one. The mattress was just getting so soft and misshapen but the worst part was the box spring and how squeaky it was whenever either of us shifted or got up during the night.

Casey and I have been dealing with this situation for a while and finally decided it was time to bite the bullet and start searching for a new bed, but we weren’t sure where to begin. There are so many options out there and every brand boasts that they are the best. The thing is, everyone’s sleep positions and patterns are different, so who is to know what is best for you, let alone two people sharing the same bed! I was dreading the idea of having to head to a Sleepy’s and try out a million mattresses before finally coming to a decision. So when Helix approached us about coming in and creating a custom bed, we of course both jumped at the chance.

(Although my mattress was old, I always remind myself that there are many people out there less fortunate than me, and I am lucky to even have a bed. But, I digress.)

Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress14Everyone who works at Helix is beyond nice and very patient. They let you settle in and chat with you a bit about the process before you begin taking their test, which helps determines the best bed for you. You are also given the option to create a blended or split bed (we opted for blended) and it asks everything from your shape to weight to height to sleep position and temperature (whether you run hot or cold). I found all these questions super helpful and never really thought about how something like my height versus Casey’s could affect how we sleep.Helix - bed quizHelix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress3Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress18Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress13Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress5Once you have figured out what the ideal bed is for you, they begin to create it right then and there! They pull out these drawers that have every level of soft to firm sample pads to create all different versions of a potential mattress.Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress7Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress6The first bed we tried was medium firm, and it was wonderful, but I tend to sleep on my stomach and often wake up with my back feeling unsupported and sore, so I knew I needed a bit more firmness. They quickly swapped out one side for me to try so I could compare the two. Then Casey gave it a try and we both agreed we liked the slightly firmer option. I loved how customized the experience was and that after we finished, we knew exactly the type of bed that was going to arrive at our apartment in just about a week and a half!
Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress8We definitely took our time trying out all our sleeping positions and making sure we were comfortable. :)

Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress9Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress10Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress11Helix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress12CHEEESEY, yes, but hey, how often do you get to have a fun mini photoshoot with your boyfriend in a beautiful sun drenched showroom, on a mattress, no less?! 
Helix - Casey and I kissingHelix-offices-christine-cameron-mystyle-pill-new-matress16Thank you SO much Helix for such a wonderful experience during our showroom appointment, as well as walking us through everything, answering our many questions and helping us get an amazing bed that has truly changed the quality of our sleep. Learn more about Helix here! xoxo

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