I usually post photos taken on my SLR but today I wanted to switch it up and share some outfits I’ve snapped on my iPhone while out and about. Here is a small sampling of what I’ve worn over the past month since I’ve been on the west coast.

I find that I keep gravitating towards cropped denim, cute flats or slides and some sort of button down or tee. Then as the weather gets chillier, I simply swap out flats for boots and blazers for leather jackets. I’m realizing that this might (definitely) be my uniform… :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration for your own daily outfits!

This past weekend I flew into LA and drove down to Temecula for a friend’s wedding. The ceremony was at Leoness Cellars and was absolutely gorgeous! A bunch of us stayed at a huge house about five minutes from the property where we cooked yummy food, drank great wine, played giant Jenga and floated for hours between the pool and the hot tub. The wedding itself was on Saturday night and was so heartfelt and lovely with breathtaking views of the vineyards and sprawling hills – it seriously felt like being in Europe.

Here are a couple photos of what I wore over the weekend (and a few of the house we stayed at) if you’d like to see!

My dress is from Parker – from a past season – but still one of my favorites.

Shoes are by Jaggar and earrings are by Shashi.

On Friday, we spent part of the afternoon at Leoness with the bridal party before they headed to their rehearsal dinner and did some wine and cheese tasting. On our way out, the tractor was just begging to be photographed so I hopped in front and snapped a few pics for fun. :)

My hat is by Janessa Leone, dress is from White House | Black Market (many seasons ago) and my slides were a gift from FashionABLE.

Here is the front and back view of our amazing house and our luxurious pool and hot tub. If you ever need a place to stay in Temecula and have a large group of people, I highly recommend staying here!Outfit photos by Nate. :)

P.S. If you are looking to work out to balance out all the wine tasting, no need to find a gym! The hills surrounding the house provided a quite strenuous sweat session. This street in particular was very deceiving because at first glance, it looks fairly mild but it instead has a slow and steady incline that really starts to get steep right after the curve, which you can’t see in this photo. We walked up once for a quick warm up, then ran up it four times. Hills man, they’re a killer!

It’s back to reality for me, but I hope you all are having a lovely week so far and thanks for stopping by! xo




Outfit Details (left): Sunglasses | Sweater | Buttondown (c/o) Jeans | Shoes (c/o)| Backpack (c/o)
Outfit Details (right): Sunglasses | Sweater | Jeans | Shoes | Bag | Lipstick
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Today’s post is a fun round up of last week’s outfits and showing how I remixed them! I chose to create both a casual and dressy version with each sweater to show how easy it can be to change a look by simply swapping out your accessories. I would love to know which look is your favorite, so let me know in the comments below!

Have a great Monday and I will see you back here tomorrow! xoxo

Photos by: My Dad :)
Outfit details (left): Hat | Sunglasses | Sweater | Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Bag
Outfit details (right): Sunglasses |Sweater | Jeans | Heels | Bag | Lipstick
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Shop my slides!

I’ve been very into an interesting slide lately, like these cute bow flats. Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, shoes can really change the feel and look of an outfit, and in this case, these cute little slides spiff up an otherwise fairly basic look.

Also, when I buy flats, I have to make sure they are comfortable, because isn’t that sort of the point as to why you are buying them over, maybe say, a pair of heels?

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Sunglasses |Sweater | Jeans | Heels | Bag | Lipstick

It’s amazing how a pair of heels can instantly elevate any outfit. For example, if I had chosen to wear a pair of sneakers with this ensemble instead of pumps, I would look considerably more casual, particularly because of the ripped/distressed jeans and broken-in leather bucket bag. And although this is not a dressy look by any means, the fact that I chose to wear these camel heels instead, made me feel stylish and pulled together, creating the perfect look for dinner or drinks out with friends!

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Sunglasses | Sweater | Jeans | Shoes | Bag | Lipstick

One thing I love is an all black ensemble. There is just something so chic about it, plus you will always look put together. The genius part of wearing something like a simple sweater and jeans is, you can dress it up or down just by swapping out your flats for heels and popping on a bold lip.read more >


Hat | Sunglasses | Sweater | Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Bag

I’ll admit, it’s been a bit tricky trying to find a good rhythm over the past month since there has been so much transition in my life lately, but luckily this past Saturday, my Dad I decided to carve out some time to head into downtown Ballard and take some much needed outfit photos. Photographing fall clothing and content is always my favorite and I left feeling energized and inspired, which felt so great.
One of the issues right now is that I don’t have all of my clothes with me since I am popping back and forth between the coasts at the moment. So I had to work with the limited pieces I have with me, which luckily included this cozy, cream colored chunky knit. It’s old and from Zara but it’s still my favorite. For this look, I wanted to go a bit more casual, so I chose to throw on a button down underneath for a fun layering aspect along with my favorite distressed jeans, and my trusty Danskos to tie it all together! 

Photos by: My Dad :)



(This photo is from the night I told my best friend Liz that I had started a blog.)

Nine years ago today, I published my very first post on My Style Pill. As I sit here and reminisce, I still can’t believe that it’s been that long. It was in the middle of the recession and people were losing their jobs like crazy. Heck, at that point, I had already lost one editorial job in December 2007, before getting hired at Women’s Day Special Interest Publications in the early spring of 2008. If any of you remember Martha Stewart’s magazine, Blueprint, (now merely a Wikipedia page), I had been working there as a market editor for just three months before it shut down. That was a sad, sad day.

When I started the blog, it was on a whim and basically a creative outlet away from my 9-5 job as a home design magazine editor. I had no clue what I was doing, or where the blog would take me, but I was excited and passionate about creating something that was all mine. At this point, it was late in 2008 and I had just turned 27, with truly no idea what was in front of me career wise. It was a scary time, because little did I know I would only continue to work as market editor for just another 6 months before losing my job a second time. That last layoff would end up being the tipping point that would take me out of the corporate world and lead me into blogging full time, but that is a longer story for another day. :)

I get so nostalgic thinking back to all those memories. Back to when it was just called Style Pill…Get Your Daily Dose, (click here, to see my very first outfit post ever!) and still had wordpress.com attached to the domain. Back to the beginning stages, realizing how unknown the blogging territory was and how steep the learning curve was as well. It really blows my mind when I sit down and truly think about it, but I digress.

Today and going forward, I am working on some pretty exciting changes regarding the blog, which is in the process of getting a facelift and will be so fun to share with you in the next month or so. As the blog moves into its 9th year, I will also be honing in on what type of content you guys want to see so if there is anything specific you want me to cover, please let me know in the comments!

Anyway, sending out a huge thank you to you guys. I know some of you have been following me from the very beginning and for that I am so incredibly grateful. And for those of you that might be brand new to my site, I am so happy to have you here! Thank you for all the continuous support – I couldn’t have done it without you, my amazing readers. Much love. xo

P.S. For your viewing pleasure, click here to see the the archives of September 2008.

Enjoy! ;)

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