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When it comes to winter coats and jackets, I love having some sort of fur/shearling around my neck to keep me cozy when the wind starts to blow. So, with fall upon us (finally) I want to start looking for a new addition to add to my coat collection. The problem is, I can’t decide which style to get!

This, my dear readers, is where you come in. I would love to hear your thoughts or opinions on these two coats from Topshop. Faux fur or shearling? Long or short? Your comments are much appreciated. Thanks so much! xoxo


One sweet reader mentioned earlier today, that she couldn’t really see today’s outfit that well, so I thought for fun, I would just post a larger photo so you could see details a bit better. (The ones from earlier were actually much smaller than I thought! Sorry about that!) xoxo

My Outfit:
Blazer: H&M
Scarf: New from Buffalo Exchange
Blouse: H&M
Belt: Thrifted from 20Twenty in Ballard, WA
Pants: Karl Lagerfeld for H&M
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Bag: H&M

I love getting emails, comments and feedback about my posts. So you can imagine my thrill when I received an email in regards to my Birds of a feather post. See below, and look how cute!

Dear SP~

The minute that I saw the post about the feathered headbands, I fell in love with them. So, I immediately went out and purchased one! Here are a couple different photos from when I wore mine out last weekend. Thanks so much for the great idea!


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