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Sunglasses: Lookmatic (gifted) / Blazer: Helmut Lang (found this one for a steal on eBay!) / Tee: Rag & Bone / Jeans: Zara / Shoes: Nine West / Bag: Givenchy / Earrings: Bauble Bar x Nordstrom (gifted) / Lipstick: MAC in Viva Glam 1

Spotted these paint-splattered jeans at Zara a couple weeks ago and finally picked them up during a visit to the Seattle location this past weekend. I love how they seem to mirror the pattern of the fallen cherry blossoms on the ground.


Went for a nice walk around Greenlake on Sunday with my best friend who just had a baby boy. (They named him Wyatt – such a cute name.) It was gorgeous out and I can’t seem to get enough of all the cherry blossom trees. They are everywhere!


Spent part of my Saturday with a bunch of darling women who hired me for a group styling session. We sipped champagne and talked all things clothing. Will be putting together a post on that soon, so stay tuned!


I had a bit of time before my styling session on Saturday afternoon, so I accompanied a close friend to her appointment to look at wedding dresses downtown. So many choices, it’s crazy!



Baby Wyatt’s little feet. Are these not the tiniest socks you’ve ever seen?!


More blossoms!


Obsessed with these gorgeous earrings from Bauble Bar x Nordstrom. The collection will be available for eight weeks and launches today. You can shop the collection here!


I finally found a pair of white heels for spring. And they were under $100!


My love.


One more cherry blossom shot for good measure. Hope your weekend was lovely! :) xo

Also, if you would like to shop my outfit, take a peek below!


I’ve been in New Orleans since Wednesday and have definitely been enjoying the warmer climate. One of the main reasons I flew down here was to host a fun styling workshop with a group of girls during fashion week. More to come on that next week, but in the meantime, here are some photos from the past few days!



Loved walking past this guy in the By Water. Just sitting on his porch, enjoying his Sunday and playing music.


Some of the brightest houses I’ve seen in America.



My good friends waiting for coffee outside Booty’s. If you’re ever in New Orleans, make sure to swing by their shop, which is a combination of his barber shop called Gaudet Bros and her vintage store called Hazel & Florange. Located on 2700 Chartres.




Crescent Park.


Crawfish and champagne in the park with friends.



Tavi, the Greyhound.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! xo


Brunch at The Dutch.


My favorite barista, Pat, at Prodigy Coffee.


Soy mocha. Yum.


Wall art off of Bleecker street.



The levels of the New York skyline never fail to intrigue and amaze me.


First signs of spring?


Festive lanterns just off the Westside Highway.


Very into these cute little plants.







Festive cheese for the holiday. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


More cheesy goodness at Murray’s Cheese.



Yet another mocha. Have you guys ever tried one with almond milk? It’s pretty amazing.








The Friends building!

Happy Monday, friends! xo


I kicked off my weekend a little early and had brunch with Helena on Friday. We shared baked eggs, fries and of course, avocado toast at Cafe Gitane. Afterward, we headed uptown to take care of some errands and eventually made our way to Columbus Circle in the early evening, where we treated ourselves to happy hour at Bouchon Bakery’s cafe.




Detail shot of an outfit post to come.
My first year in New York I lived on the Upper West Side, but since moving downtown I don’t get up to that area much anymore. However, on Saturday a friend and I ventured up to the Upper East Side and ended up walking through Central Park to the west side. The weather was amazing and it felt so good to be outside. We ended up grabbing dinner at a restaurant on Columbus and then treated ourselves to gooey, chocolate cookies from Levain.








I love Ten Degrees in the East Village. For those of you that live in New York, have you ever been? They have a great happy hour on Sundays and just an overall fun vibe. I met a good friend here on Sunday for a catch up session over salads and french bread.


Hope you all had a great weekend and got out and enjoyed the warm weather. Here’s to a great week! xo


Yesterday, my beloved bag (shown above) disappeared. I am still in shock that it’s gone and pretty upset at myself that I basically let it happen. It was one of those days where you feel slightly absent minded and distracted, and the things that you are usually are so diligent about doing (read: always having your bag on you at all times) you let slip and make a silly mistake.
Earlier in the day, I grabbed lunch with Alicia before she and our friend Andi headed to the airport, so we only had about 20 minutes. We stopped into Pret a Manger on Hudson and found a seat near the window. I remember setting my bag down on the chair next to me, then continued chatting and eating. Time flew by and we had to rush home.  I quickly hopped up to get a to-go bag for my food and then followed Alicia out the door. Without my bag. Looking back now, I remembered that my keys and phone were in my coat pocket, so it didn’t register that I was without my purse until later. It’s funny how sometimes auto pilot takes over. I think because I was holding my keys in one hand and my phone in the other, yet carrying some version of a bag (even though it was plastic and carrying food), my muscle memory kicked into gear. My brain thought I had all of my things, when in reality, that was not the case. By the time I realized I’d left my most favorite bag behind, it had disappeared.
But here’s the thing. I am a positive person and believe that people are generally good. My hope is that some nice person came in for lunch after me, saw it sitting there and decided to take things into their own hands by personally popping it in the mail back to my address in Seattle, which is still listed on my license. I have experienced other great acts of kindness before, such as someone mailing my license back to my home in Seattle after finding it on the floor of a cab, and another time when I left a small black purse in the back of a cab, full of cash and other valuable things, and the cab driver found it later and returned it to my apartment after finding a pay stub with my New York address. So since I believe in the power of positive thinking, I am making a conscious choice to have faith, and also believe in the goodness of people.
Please know that this post is not meant to be seen as me throwing myself a pity party. Because in reality, I completely realize that this situation is not the end of the world. After all, it’s just a bag and there are so many worse things that could have happened and do happen to people, every day. But at the same time, we can all relate on some level, right? Most of us have material belongings that we are attached to and when they are lost or taken, it’s always unsettling and unpleasant, no matter what. Anyway, I always try to take away life lessons from my experiences regardless if they are good or bad. I think the universe is reminding me to be present and mindful, to show some grace and to be kind, because everyone is fighting their own battle. Thank you for reading and letting me share. xo
On a lighter note, here are some pictures of my outfit that I wore to the Alice + Olivia presentation on Monday.


Photos by: Andi
Sunglasses: Karen Walker  / Hat: Preston & Olivia (gift) / Jacket: BB Dakota / Tee: Rag & Bone/JEAN  / Jeans: Paige / Boots: Nine West / Bag: Celine




Over the holidays, I finally invested in a new Nikon SLR camera. I absolutely love it, but am still figuring out the ins and outs of how to use it properly. When I have the time, I love playing with the settings, trying out different lenses and of course, learning about lighting. Lighting is tricky, my friends, and crucial. With that said, I decided to experiment and take a few detail shots inside my apartment. Practice makes perfect, and I think I am getting better, but I definitely want to take a class so that I get the most and best use out of my new camera. If you guys know of any work shops you love, please let me know!


Favorite candles all used up? Instead of throwing them out, set them in the freezer for a bit to chill, then pop out the remaining wax. Et voila! An easy and cute way to hold your beauty products, pens or maybe even display your silverware if the glass is big enough? Those with tiny kitchens should understand. :)


Some of my very favorite scents. I have admitted to owning upwards to twenty different perfumes, but here are some that I wear on a daily basis: ‘Eau Rose’ by DiptyqueAmber Musk by AERIN, Santal 33 by Le Labo and Folle de Joie by Joie. (I also love, love, love to wear Philosykos by Diptyque.) In the back, is my go-to Beauty Elixir by Caudalie to freshen up my face and right in front is a little bottle of Windsor by DR Harris that was a gift from a guy friend of mine. Sometimes it’s fun to wear a more masculine scent don’t you think?


My daily spread. Yes, I work from my couch using my coffee table or lap as my “desk”. Oops. I need to change that and get a real desk, I know. Usually I start the day with tea or coffee in one of my favorite gold mugs from Starbucks and I light one or two candles, making my apartment feel extra homey. A few favorites are Baies by Diptyque and Santal 26 by Le Labo, both of which I just ran out of last night! Need to replace them both immediately.
With Pinterest being so prominent and easy to use, I feel like I forget to catch up on my favorite magazines, so I am trying to be better about finding time to just sit and flip through actual pages instead of webpages. It’s fun to pull tear sheets of favorite looks and inspiration, you know? Which reminds me, I really need to create an inspiration board.
Apparently I need to add a couple more things to my to-do list… xo



Another little photo montage of how I spent some of my weekend. I’m wearing a leather jacket by IRO (found majorly sale on Farfetch!), a white button down from Madewell, and jeans by Mother.


I usually love to wander around the West Village, but decided to venture over to SoHo instead.








I could take endless pictures of these fire escapes. There’s just something about them.




Love me. :)










We grabbed a glass of champagne and some tiramisu before heading up to The William Hotel to watch the Super Bowl. What a crazy game right?




Photos taken by me and John Wilhelmy







 After five years of blogging, I’ve definitely shared bits and pieces about myself with you guys, but never created a dedicated post about my favorite things or funny quirks. So, here are 30 things you probably didn’t know about me. xo
1. I grew up on oldies and am well versed on most songs from the 1940s to the 1970s.
2. I am only child.
3. I find drying my hair (no matter the length) the most tedious thing in the world.
4. I am not super into sweets and consider myself more of a salt-t00th if you will. I always joke that my perfect dessert would be a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc and a plate of truffle fries.
5. If I do eat dessert, I opt for Peanut Butter Chocolate, Chocolate Chocolate Chip or Coffee Häagen-Dazs ice cream.
6. I grew up in Seattle and visit my family and friends multiples times a year.
7. I am a super sappy romantic at heart and am a sucker for most love songs.
8. I have a love for old school (and new) country music.
9. I began dancing when I was 7 and continued until I was 21.
10. My favorite movies growing up were (and still are) The Music Man and Singing in the Rain.
11. I studied abroad in Paris during 2002 and have had a love affair with the city ever since.
12. I am a bag girl through and through.
13. I love Friends – give me a trivia on that show and I will nail it every time.
14. My favorite coffee drink as a treat, is a tall, 2% mocha with two pumps of hazelnut and a little bit of whip cream on top.
15. I am incredibly close with my parents and talk to them multiples times a day.
16. Our dog, Barney, is the absolute love of my life.
17. I think of myself as more of a type-B person, which has it’s positives and negatives.
18. I color coordinate all of my clothing.
19. I am a Cancer and born in late June. I love astrology and find it fascinating to learn about other people’s signs.
20. I love sushi but am completely freaked out by eel.
21. I am a night owl and have a hard time going to bed at a normal hour. With that said, I am also not a morning person and love to sleep in.
22. I have an extremely vivid imagination, which makes me despise horror movies.
23. I didn’t grow up playing sports but I have a strong arm and can throw a football and baseball fairly well.
24. I’ve lived in New York for almost ten years.
25. I snap by putting my thumb, pinky and ring finger together.
26. I can pick things up off the floor with my toes.
27. After a long flight, my comfort food is two pieces of cheese pizza with Franks Red Hot Sauce on top, and a Diet Coke with ice.
28. I don’t have any tattoos, but I had my belly button pierced when I was 18.
29. I love perfume and own at least 20 different kinds.
30. I’ve had the same stuffed animal since I was two and his name is Floppsy Bunny.