Life Lately and Some News…

Now that it is 2018, I will be celebrating my 10th year of blogging this coming September, which is just bananas! The fact that my decade anniversary is just 9 months away, really got me thinking about where I want to take the blog and what I see myself doing with it in the years to come. And therefore lies the purpose of this post…to let you know why I have been a little absent on here lately, which has mostly been attributed to my move and new bicoastal life, a heavier work load and the need to give myself some time to step back and reflect on the direction I want to take my work.

The recent change in scenery (hello Seattle) has been quite the interesting one to say the least. I’ve decided to save that topic for an entirely different conversation and possible YouTube video, but for those who have been asking, I do still have my apartment in New York and go back about once a month or so to work, see friends etc. However, right now, the majority of my time is spent on the west coast, growing my styling client base, working on various projects and spending time with my family.

If you didn’t know, which you might not, because I don’t really talk about it that much, I also work as a personal stylist/wardrobe consultant/style coach and have as long as I have been blogging. I’ve realized (finally) that it’s  high time for that part of my work to become front and center and I couldn’t be more excited about it. That said, I would SO appreciative any feedback on what you want to see on the blog or what types of styling/outfit questions you might have for me! Anything and everything is such valuable information, so please share it all with me!

But, don’t worry, I am NOT going to stop blogging! I will just be spreading my time and work  across different platforms, here and on my new site. I really want people to come to my blog and styling website to learn something whether it’s how I styled an outfit over the weekend (blog topic) or the top ten things I think you need to buy now (stylist topic). I will also be giving My Style Pill a facelift this year, which I believe will fill me with inspiration and passion once again for this dear ol’ blog of mine. Regardless, the two sites will be very much a part of one another and I can’t wait to see them flourish!

Photos by: Lydia Hudgens

Stay tuned on Instagram for updates on how everything is going and I will let you know when any major changes are happening! I am so excited for what’s to come in 2018 and I couldn’t be more happy to have you guys along with me for the journey!

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