Swap it out


I am a girl who is constantly cleaning out her closet. I love a fresh start and I try and keep only those things that I really love, but don’t always have time to drop everything off at the my local consignment shop. That is wear Swapdom saves the day. It’s a site that makes it incredibly easy and painless to swap items online. It’s free, takes no time at all and your only job is to list the items you want to swap, request the items you love, and voila, Swapdom deals with the rest!
I decided to give it a try and listed these three items


Vince Camuto Heels


Juicy Couture Striped Top




Aldo Neon Yellow Clutch ( comes with a shoulder strap)


Head to Swapdom now to post your own items! xo
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  • Nice top, I love the sexy back. I just did a purge on my shoe closet, however I usually put my items on sale on my blog or Ebay, but I am very curious about this service that you are talking about. I will definitely look in to that website. Thanks for sharing.

    “Borrowed from the boys: the bow tie” Blog post on:

  • I’m so glad you’re wearing colors in the winter! I’m so bored of seeing black around new york. I love the yellow clutch.

    trade your fashions (!)

  • Q
  • Love the striped top with leather pants!


  • Can’t wait….till the bring this over to the Uk….which it looks like they plan to do. x


  • So love that neon clutch!


  • Great pieces! I haven’t tried this yet but need to,

  • Such a rad clutch! Love the neon!


  • Georgia

    Oh, the striped top is gorgeous!

  • Such a beauty,you look so cute.
    ogotoshop Prom dresses

  • Ok, I’m on my way to buy a lottery ticket ( the only reason I wanna hit jackpot is so that I can buy ALL of the clothes that I like. ALL OF IT!).
    First items on the list: I’LL JUST SHOW THIS POST! :)


  • Very nice post, and lovely pictures. And now there’s a mobile app for swapping, too! Head to http://fineswap.com/ for details.

  • Actually Swapdom is working on its mobile free app as we speak!
    Thanks for the shout out!