UGG x My Style Pill

F21 Sweater / Vintage Romper (via Screaming Mimi’s) / UGG Bag and Boots
Since UGG wrote about their “Letters from NY” campaign so eloquently, I will just let their words share the story below:
With more than 8 million residents and over 40 million tourists each year, it seems like everyone has a New York story that took place somewhere. Whether it’s that time in your day that’s special to just you like waking up for a run and winding down after work – or that unforgettable time you met someone who would play a role in changing your life experience. These stories not only reflect who we are, but make up the lifestyle of the cities we all live in – especially in New York. This Fall, UGG is going to curate the places that inspire these stories (by pinpointing them exactly where they started) so that we can discover and share them with each other. Share your letters for the chance to win a trip to New York to create a new set of experiences. xo
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