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Is anyone else shocked that it’s December? I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already behind us and now Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just weeks away! With that said, there are many exciting projects and experiences coming up, but I did want to share one that is fairly personal that I am working on right now, and that is on a campaign with Dove.
Deodorant is something (most) everyone wears and is part of people’s daily routine. Usually not that interesting, but necessary. For most of my adult life, I’ve always used Dove deodorant because of the lovely fragrance and because I have sensitive skin – right now I love their soothing chamomile version (see image at the bottom), which offers smoother underarms in 5 days and gives you protection for 48 hours. Sold! So when they approached me about working together, I jumped at the chance. Because as the holidays approach, sleeveless tops and dresses start to make more of an appearance, and you start relying on your deodorant even more, don’t you think?!
So, along with parties and things of that nature, I also start to have more meetings with potential clients for upcoming projects and that means I need to pull myself together in a fashion that says professional but still allows me to express my personal style. Since I don’t work in a traditional field and don’t often have to wear traditional suits or work wear, I usually try and go for semi-casual with a classic twist. For this look, I opted for this structured vest that looks like it could be some sort of power blazer, just without sleeves. I paired it with stripes and my favorite chain necklace, and topped it off with a stylish but functional bag for the final touch. Working with Dove on their go sleeveless campaign, I thought this would be a perfect look to showcase going sleeveless but still look put together and professional, at least for me and my work purposes. :)
All of this said,  I will be the first one to admit that, going sleeveless can be difficult and hard to pull off at times, but the real confidence comes from inside you. I find that when I wear something that makes me feel great, the rest falls into place. And honestly, the only other things I need on top of that, are my favorite perfume, lipstick and deodorant. Dashing around the city all day for meetings can be exhausting but honestly, when I carry those three things in my bag, which I often do on long days, I feel pretty confident and to be perfectly honest, ready to take on whatever comes my way. So let me ask you, what makes you feel confident and invincible?
P.S. Here are some interesting statistics about how women feel about going sleeveless:
– 7 out of 10 women would rather wear sleek layers than a heavy sweater, even in the winter.
– 78% of women prefer to layer over a sleeveless top.
– 86% of women agree that wearing layers makes it easy to change their look for different occasions throughout the day.
– Six out of ten women are likely to wear sleeveless clothing to a holiday party.

Do anything of these ring true to you? I would love to know! xo
Visit Dove’s Facebook page to learn even more by clicking here!
(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however, I do not endorse anything I don’t fully believe in or work with products I don’t already use or like. Thanks!)

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  • That definitely rings true with me, I’ve been self conscious about my arms since I was 9!!!! BUT you look fabulous and should go sleeveless more often!!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  • I love that sleeveless blazer! I bought one from Urban 3 months ago and I’ve paired it with everything – such a great piece!

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  • Layering is a definite in the winter. Sometimes I won’t put my sweater on until I get to work, because the subway is hot enough already just with my winter coat and shell or sleeveless top.

    I usually do about half sleeveless dresses and half sweater dresses for holiday parties. I’m lucky that a lot of the holiday parties I go to are a little more casual so I can get away with whatever I wore to work that day!

  • amy

    Love those chunky chains and the pop of red!

  • This is the deodorant I use! Love your outfit… that vest is marvelous!

  • You look amazing and I love this complete look. I have a sleeveless tux jacket and I adored it. I wish I could wear it every day ;)

  • So true! agreed with all

  • Love your outfit :) Especially the chain necklace

    xo Ashley

  • Luv how you paired all black with stripes – so chic!


  • Purple

    You look great in this sleeveless blazer, very unique! I am a big fan of 20’s style, when they wore a lot of sleeveless dresses. Recently I purchased this reversible sleeveless dress from Jia Collection that has a 20’s flair and have been very happy about it. I thought it is ingenious because one side of it is white with navy pattern (without glitter) that I can wear to work and the other side is navy with white pattern (with slight glitter) that is perfect for holiday parties. And all I needed to do is to flip the dress! http://www.jiacollection.com/shop/greta.html

    And when I feel cold I just put on a pair of arm warmers.