The Kipling Diaries: hurricanes and halloween


Ray-Ban Sunglasses / Zara Blazer and Shoes / J.Crew V-neck / Paige Jeans (c/o) / HRH Necklace (c/o) / Roman Luxe Cuff (c/o) / Coach Watch (c/0) / Kipling Cross-Body Minibag (c/o)






Photos by Lydia Hudgens
With Halloween upon us, what’s better than a cross-body bag on a night out with friends? My original plan consisted of doing just that back in New York, where I planned on going to a concert with a few of my girls, then grabbing dinner and drinks afterward. But Hurricane Sandy had something different in mind. I ended up having to rebook my flight from Seattle to New York for this coming Friday, so instead I made new plans to have dinner with one of my best friends in Ballard. But regardless what goes on this holiday, something as practical as this little gold Kipling bag is great for holding important things, like a small wallet and camera, your cell phone and maybe a lip gloss or two, when you go out on the town because let’s be honest, what else do you need on Halloween (or any night out really) besides a trusty little cross-body and an epic costume/outfit? Plus, doesn’t it remind you of something Carrie Bradshaw would own/wear? Total bonus points in my book.
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Once again, I want to send out good  wishes and energy to my friends and family in the east coast area right now – please continue to stay safe and dry. Fingers crossed that power returns to everyone soon. Love you all! xo
 Disclosure: This is a collaboration between My Style Pill and Kipling – product and compensation was provided. All opinions and content are my own.
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