Curly Girl




Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had wavy/curly hair. Sometimes unruly, (read, mostly unruly) and other times sultry and cute. But, I can say as an official adult, I have embraced my hair for what it is – sometimes predictable, other times, not so much, but regardless I always love a good wavy look. So, when Paul Mitchell approached me about being involved in their campaign called The Truth About Curls, which is all about the relationship that people have with their curly hair, I automatically said yes! For this post I used Paul Mitchell’s Twirl Around as my main product. But with my hair being so short now, I knew that for a more curl-defined look, I wanted to let my hair air-dry – letting it take it’s natural state – then use my curling iron to define pieces here and there, creating a sleeker, curly-haired-do. The product acted as an amazing placeholder for my curls, letting me feel cute and fun with my new look.
For more inspiration, hop on over to their Facebook, plus there is a chance to win free samples if you leave your own #curlconfession!
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  • Omgoodness that new hair colour looks amazing on you!! And I love those messy curls – suits you so well! What a great hair transformation :)

    Life etc

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  • You know how much I love zee curls…..& the darker color is perfect for fall.

  • I think you look AMAZING with the darker hair; it really does suit you. And you look gorgeous in that shade of yellow too!


  • Susan

    I LOVE the darker hair color! It looks great on you!

  • Cynthia

    Love your shirt!!! Where is it from? And, the darker hair looks fab!

  • The new color totally suits you.. my hair doesn’t know what a natural curl is… it will only naturally do a wild wavy frizz thing… which is sometimes sultry and cute, and other times, un-manageable! Especially on days like today… left the house with a decently cute wave styled, came home with a head full of frizz (Yuck!).

    Maybe I will have to try some of these products you will be reviewing.

    The hot yellow is gorgeous too!!

  • love your hair here, it’s really really cute! my hair is pin-straight, i wish it would take a little curl, but they always fall out so quickly when i use a curling iron!

    katie x

  • Dawn

    Love the shirt, necklace, and the lip color. Can you provide info on all three please?

    Also, just to echo everyone else’s thoughts, the new darker color is superb! Totally suits you!

  • Loved this post! Im a curly girl as well :) Just blogged about my favorite products to tame those dang ringlets…lol. love the hair color! with the pink lips, its dynamite!

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