Pumpkin Spice

DSC_0187David Yurman Sunglasses (gift) / Thomas Laine Necklace (gifted) / J.Crew Sweater / Goldsign Jeans (gifted) / Zara Boots and Jacket / H&M Scarf / Lodis Bag (gifted) / Hearts On Fire Diamond RingsĀ 




DSC_0166This past week and weekend was spent working on inspiring projects, attending events, eating good with friends and hanging out with “A”. Kim was in town for most of the week and her boyfriend Brian joined us Saturday night for dinner at “A’s” place. We munched on cheese and sipped on wine while the boys whipped up salmon, purple fingerling potatoes and arugula salad with homemade dressing. It was so nice to spend an evening in, cooking and hanging out with friends. Sunday was spent brunching with Keiko and Bobby at Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn (big fan) and taking outfit photos (thanks Bri!) “A” and I eventually made our way back to his place and relaxed on the couch snacking on leftovers and watching Boardwalk Empire. I feel so relaxed and refreshed, and ready to take on the week! xo


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