Today I just want to take a second to talk this little red ribbon I’m wearing. It is designed by Kenneth Cole to promote awareness about the AIDS pandemic. I love that the double loop symbolizes the coming together of individuals and the re-doubling of efforts in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Click HERE to read more about the ribbon and where its proceeds are going to help in the cause.

  • Meaghan

    Great post. Such an inspirational topic.

  • Katya

    Such an amazing cause. I will definitely be donating!

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  • Plami

    Pure style!


  • jannine

    i saw the same theme on Keiko´s blog. i think it´s awesome that you participate in events like these. it inspiring and educational to many people… and it´s good that you use your blog to cooperate with such important issues.
    by the way i wanted to reach out and say hi! i reached your blog through Keiko´s and i trully like it! i´ve started my own not too long ago… and i´m enjoying it so very much!
    all the best to you!
    XX Jannine

  • http://zerodramas adelbert enriquez

    wow your style is perfect!
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