Love Charm


RayBan Wayfarers / Erica Weiner (Birthday gift from a client) / H&M Jacket/ Tank Top ? (borrowed from my Mother) / J Brand Cut Off Shorts (gift) / Kenneth Cole Watch (gift) / Towne & Reese Turquoise Bangle / Taylor Kenney “Jensen” Bracelet / Urban 1972 Tubular Band Bracelet / Tiffany & Co. Bracelet / Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote Bag (gift) / Sole Society “Cipriani” Wedges (gift)



Not too long ago, I attended a fabulous event put on by Tiffany & Co. (read the whole post here) centered around the theme “What Makes Love True.” So, when I heard that StyleList announced their latest project — a collaboration with — Tiffany & Co.’s guide to matters of the heart— I was all ears. I was sent a Tiffany’s bracelet and asked to style it up in my own way, which I immediately integrated it into an interesting arrangement of wrist candy to give it my own special twist. To learn more about their What Makes Love True campaign, click here!

P.S. They asked me to share what I think makes love true, and after a looooot of thinking I came up with this: I think it’s where there is a mutual love and respect for your partner, and you have a relationship that is full of support, acceptance and understanding through the good times and bad. I think if you have these things as a solid base in a relationship, then you can build something really wonderful and lovely with another person. That said, it’s easier to say or write than follow through on a daily basis, but we’ve got to try, right? What makes love true to you? xoxo

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  • i love this jacket – i saw it in the shops & wasn’t sure how to wear it, so thanks for the inspiration! (the dusky pink looks great with the vibrant blue)

    i think love for me is not remembering what life was like before it came along, i can’t imagine him NOT being there now, it’s just a part of me :)

    Katie x

  • I love this outfit, you look gorgeous! The jacket (kimono?) is AMAZING!

  • Love your bag & wedges! Looking sweet & summery! & love your description of true love… to me, true love cannot exist without kindness, consideration, and thoughtfulness.

  • Love the color of those shorts!

    Fashionable Collections

  • MG

    Love those JBRAND shorts! I just wish they weren’t so pricey!

  • Love your Kimono, and bag…and all.
    You are a beauty,

  • I love love love mixed bracelets/bangles/watches

  • I love the addition of turquoise in the bracelets because it really pops against the colors in your outfit. I also love Towne and Reese!

    What makes love true? I would say 100% open communication, being best friends with your partner, trust and being able to laugh together.

  • Amanda…that is so true…now I wish I had written that because I totally agree! xoxo

  • Mary Ann

    Great outfit, love the bracelets.

  • love your definition of what makes love true <3

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