Inspired By: Miss Kendi Lea



copy cat-kendi1

copy-cat Urban Outfitters Earrings / Vintage Bird Blouse (20Twenty in Ballard) / H&M Belt / F21 Skirt / Black Tights / Aldo Shoes (c/o)

This outfit was directly inspired by what Kendi wore yesterday. Is that creepy? I hope not, because I am constantly inspired by my blogger buddies and this time was no different. That is how smitten I was over her outfit. Also, I love black and tan together, as well as animal printed blouses, so I dug around in my closet and this is what I came up with.

P.S. I now need a shirt with foxes on it, like this one!

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  • This outfit is gorrrrgeous! I am in love with the black/tan combo, and the bird print blouse is darling! Every time I see a colored shoe with black opaque tights I’m reminded that I need to invest in footwear other than black! The shoes pop so much, I love it!

  • Not creepy, (maybe if you didn’t mention it it would be a little bit haha)

    Love that belt, and the skirt is fabulous. I dig the contrast with the black.

  • Apparently I need an animal print silk shirt. This looks just as lovely as Kendi’s did…and not at all creepy :P

  • well, you and a lot of others were inspired by her outfit ;) I like your twist with the leopard. Also, who isn’t creepy in the blogging world haha. All of us are big ole’ creepsters.

  • I love when bloggers pay tribute to other bloggers!! Its so precious!!! You know I LOVEEE this skirt on u. ROCK ON MY friend. xo, Kim

  • Mimi

    Love this outfit.

  • That top is fabulous. I love the upscale casual look; you pull it off!

  • I love this! You took Kendi’s inspiration but totally made it your own. Now I have 2 people to copy I mean pay tribute to. Can’t wait to see more!

    PS I totally love her too and it isn’t creepy. I swear.

  • love this blouse!!!

  • LOVE this outfit!!

  • Its great to be inspired by another person’s outfit! Going out and buying a replica is sad but recreating you own version is imaginative, not creepy :)

  • Oh how I love you.

    And I LOVE THIS! I’m so jealous that your shirt is vintage, that makes your outfit 100% cooler than mine. But I want that skirt. Like I covet that skirt, don’t make me fly to NYC and steal it from you. :)

  • love your shirt!

  • Carole

    It doesn’t have foxes on it but your shirt is lovely and the skirt is awesome. I follow Kendi’s blog, too. Similar outfits but still different and both are great.

  • I love that you said “is that creepy?” cause that’s how I always feel, too. I’m totally inspired by other fashion bloggers but I don’t want to sound weird or staker-like. You look totally gorgeous, by the way. I love that top and the pop of leopard print.

    Coffee and Inspiration

  • Love the outfit! The color combo is so rich and the proportions look fantastic on you. You and Kendi both rocked it, but in subtly different ways.

  • Lu

    I’m loving the combination of black and tan/brown lately. Most of my outfits have had this color scheme going. Oooh, and navy and camel…YUM! The colors not the flavors. I hear camel is kind of dry.

  • Taking inspiration from other bloggers is never ever creepy. It’s flattering! Especially when you look so lovely doing it.

  • No stealing style is perfectly acceptable. :) I do it all the time. You stole Kendi’s outfit idea and I’m stealing yours. See, this is great!!! Are you going to do her challenge? I am and I’m learning a ton about how to shop my own closet as Kendi would say. Check it out if you have a minute.