My Outfit: In the Jungle

DSC_0217Urban Outfitters Earrings / Forever 21 Multicolored Necklace / Laney’s Gold Chain Necklace / ModCloth Agyness Top / H&M Skirt / Street Vendor Double Ring / Steve Madden Trackks Wedges


Here are a few fun outfit shots that Keiko took after she did my hair and makeup. I don’t know why I felt like the post title is very fitting. Maybe it’s the fact that skirt is army green…who knows…








Let’s chat for another minute about this outfit…it was another ensemble that came together quite easily. Honestly, I saw this skirt at H&M, fell in love with it and immediately imagined wearing it with my black lace crop top of ModCloth. The hair and makeup was already done, and as far as the accessories went, I just sort of piled on the necklaces, and wore my favorite wedges so that the skirt wouldn’t drag on the ground.

That’s about it, simple as that! But, don’t you worry, I plan on remixing this skirt as least two or three times more at least. :) xoxo

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  • LOVE your outfit…you look so chic…..the title is great!!
    You can’t go wrong with ModCloth…ever:)

    The shoes ROCK!!
    Have a great day!!

  • Yay! A long skirt! I just picked one up and I’m wondering how it will work in my wardrobe. This looks great on you!

  • Christine – the orange and yellow profile shot = amazing! Like VOGUE amazing. Nice!

  • I absolutely love that skirt. I am loving the idea of wearing maxi skirts for fall.

  • This is so pretty! I love the shape of the skirt.

  • Love the skirt in this look but can’t wait to see it re-mixed as well. xxx

  • Love this skirt & the wedges!

  • I love this skirt, very on trend. I saw you in the sept. Glamour, in all your styling glory! Congrats lady!!!

  • You look great! I love those shoes!

  • Those photos are amazing…I love that maxi skirt!!


    sass-a-frass for sure!!!

    btw similar wedges (steven by steve madden ‘s winka wedge) is on sale on gilt groupe today… this could be dangerous ;)

  • love that skirt… and the photo against the yellow/red wall is PERFECT!!!

  • um, hiiii I JUST BOUGHT THAT SKIRT! its soooo sick right!??!

    u look so freaking fabulous in these. its like u keep hitting gold with all these outfits. love them. love u. done and done! xo, Kim

  • love! this skirt will be so cute in the fall too. can’t wait to see the remixes!

  • This looks great. That’s a lovely skirt and I love the photos.

  • Hi Christine! I love this outfit, so much so it was one of my favorites from this past week. So I featured you on my blog! :)

    Read more about what I loved here:

  • Wedges are perfection!! I love the length of your skirt you look great.