Outfit Remix: Black and White Checkered Skirt

remix-checked skirt

Spring                                                                           Winter

Just a fun photo comparison to show the two different ways I’ve worn this skirt, depending on the season!

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  • Amy

    I love how you remixed this skirt for the fall… very adorable! I think I will be taking some inspiration from this in the near future. :)

  • That is such a cute skirt! Love the yellow belt in the first pic and the boots in the second!

  • I love this remix. Thank goodness for Tights!

  • I adore black & brown together, esp how you have it in the Winter photo. So cute. I will probably copy this outfit tomorrow!

  • Adorable,i like it very much!
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  • I like both of the stylings of this skirt. I have a similar skirt, and this is a great inspiration for how to wear it year-round.

  • joe

    where did you buy this skirt from..??

  • My Style Pill

    Forever 21!