Inspiration: Garance Dore’s Denim Shirt

Garance Dore and the Denim Shirt

Photo via The Sartorialist

Whenever I come home, my Mom always has fun little goodies for me to try on and borrow (luckily we wear the same size), but I must say, my Dad’s side of the closet has been proving to be fruitful as well.

So far, today has been me lounging around in my yoga pants, contemplating doing some yoga, but mostly doing work on my computer. When I feel a break is needed, I wander upstairs and take a peak into my parent’s walk-in closet (lucky ducks) to peruse my Dad’s collection of wool ties. Well, today I found something else that I love. I remember seeing him wear it the other day, and now it was casually slung over the back of a chair. The perfect denim shirt. I quickly tried it on—I was a bit chilly—but needless to say, it is now residing in my room. He hasn’t seemed to notice its whereabouts yet, but I imagine by writing this post, I am giving myself away. However, I will deny everything because someday soon, I plan on copying Garance Dore’s look, shown above, and can’t possibly do it without my new beloved denim shirt. Sorry, Dad.

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  • Jen

    haha hopefully he’ll let you keep it, or at least borrow it for a while :P now i’m tempted to look in my dad’s closet once i get home.

  • I wish my parents’ closets were raidable!