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I have finally found the perfect tote. For months upon months, I have scoured department stores, street racks and vintage stores for a bag that fits all my needs, both practically and asthetically speaking. Today, I was perusing through, and came across a photo of the Mid City Tote from Foley + Corinna. My reasons for why this bag is perfect are three-fold…

1. The mousey-gray color is amazing and goes with everything.

2. The opening of the bag comes up high enough so if slipped on your arm or up on your shoulder you don’t have to worry about it dangerously hanging open while standing on the subway.

3. It can stay unfolded and be used as a hand-held bag, or it can fold down into a hip little shoulder-slung number, fitting perfectly with whatever type of outfit you might have on.

And, here it is folks…please try to not to drool.

Three of my favorite tops are from American Apparel and each are a different version of the Tri-Blend t-shirt. First off, we have the Short Sleeve Women’s Track T, second we have the Unisex Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck and third we have the Racerback Tank, all in Athletic Grey, all of them needed staples for ones wardrobe…well at least my wardrobe anyway. I have found that I can wear these three items with just about anything to almost any occasion. You can dress them up or dress them down. While out and about this week I saw a couple different girls wearing this type of shirt paired with a cute skirt.

(Above) This was taken at the Jenny Kayne show. She paired a similar grey, casual t-shirt with a cute printed skirt, which looks dressy enough for a work event, but not over done. I LOVE her shoes and bag, with their neutral colors of beige and mauve. And, with the help of this simple tee, the whole ensemble comes together in a no muss, no fuss kind of way. Relaxed yet still stylish enough for a fashion event. I like it.

(Above) I simply adore this outfit. I took this while out last weekend at Arlo & Esme and asked her if the tank was from AA, and in fact it was. This is another great example of how to wear a casual tank with an interesting skirt (I especially like the seams and the small little pockets on either side) while maintaining a look suitable to wear out on a Friday night. The simplicity of it all makes it so perfect. Effortless, really. Not to mention, the shoes she wore with it.

Nothing too out there or over the top trendy, just a stylish gladiator-esque heel that went really well with the overall ensemble. Nicely done.

(Above) And lastly, while getting my daily fix of The Sartorialist’s amazing photographs taken for during New York Fashion Week, I came across this image. I was immediately drawn to this shot, and thought that the girl in the image looked familiar. Then, after looking at it again, I realized that the title of the photo was named Marina, which turned out was the same Marina I used to work with while over at InStyle! What a small world. Anway, again, we have here the very casual, laid back-looking grey t-shirt that could almost pass for something she might put on to sleep in (love it!), paired with a high-waisted black skirt—not to mention her cute shoes—equals the end result of a very simple, paired down look that I like to call Relaxed New York Chic.



As I hurriedly made my way to the Benjamin Cho show yesterday, I was relieved to jump into line a few minutes before 6, thinking I had made it just under the wire, only to wait outside patiently for the next 30 min. While waiting, I met a sweet girl named Krystal, an assistant designer, who was helping out backstage, and we got to chatting about the show. Turned out, earlier in the week, while working at M&J Trimming, she assisted Cho with last minute touches for his new designs. Pretty neat stuff. Eventually 6:30 rolled around and I was finally ushered in the door, given a seat assignment and shoved through the bottle neck of an entrance into the runway area. I made my way to my folding chair and immediately saw Natasha Lyonne strut by, curly hair scooped up into a tousled bun upon her head. Next up, sitting three rows in front of me, was Mary-Kate and her boyf Nate Lowman, being blinded by flashes and mobbed by press. She seemed very accommodating and friendly, from what I could tell by the back of her head and her side profile as she leaned in to chat with those around her.

Finally, at 7, the show began. As I turned my camera on, I noticed my battery light blinking back at me. How could I have been so silly as to not charge it the night before?! I decided to have a go at it and took as many shots as I could, however, the measly few just did not suffice…so, for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of, I give you a little of Benjamin Cho:

As you can see, many of his looks incorporated trimmings as mentioned above, which I found to be such an innovating way to spruce up a plain dress or skirt. There were some wearable looks and maybe a couple that only the bold could pull off, but overall Cho’s creative accents, the tassels, sashes and keys, kept pieces such as mini dresses, skinny pants and off-the-shoulder dresses, fresh, interesting with elements of surprise delighting the viewer’s eye.

~ ’till tomorrow! xx

Texture, color and shapes were ablaze at the Ports 1961 show in the Bryant Park tents, Monday evening. Here are a few of my favorites seen on the catwalk…

Although this shot is over-exposed, it is my favorite. She looks so refined and chic.

What a fabulous frock to wear out and about to paint the town red, or pink in this case!

Striking number…

Lots of head pieces, hats present in this collection.

All in all, a lovely show…xx

I recently attended fashion designer, Jenny Kayne’s, Fall preview collection and was delightfully surprised with what I saw…scroll down to see a few of my favorite looks.

Trapeze Gown in Floral Watercolor Silk Organza

Trapeze Gown in Floral Watercolor Silk Organza

This brown leather belt is the perfect addition to this pretty floral silk dress. Adding just enough contrast with the difference in material, this accessory gives the dress a slight edge and steers it away from becoming too prim and proper.

Blouse in Denim Chambray with Tube Mini in Gold Paillette Embroidery

Blouse in Denim Chambray with Tube Mini in Gold Paillette Embroidery

I adore the combination of these two textures and styles. This look comes together creating a laid back, yet uniquely chic look perfect for a night out or a dressy dinner party with friends. It inspired me to look into the depths of my own closet to see what unassuming gems I might find and be able to pair together, in hopes of mimicking this great look.

Boyfriend Shirt in Black Thin Shirting and Corset Short in Black Suiting

Boyfriend Shirt in Black Thin Shirting and Corset Short in Black Suiting

Something about this outfit just makes me so happy. I think it is the mix of the high-waisted shorts and the “boyfriend” shirt, which, in this particular case, reminds me of something Grace Kelly would wear in “To Catch a Thief.” Sigh. I love her in that movie. So flawless. So effortless.  The shorts offer a structural element, with their tailored seams, which really completes this look for me. End result: casual, yet stylish and well put together. Below, a similar look:

Silk blouse from Banana Republic and high-waisted shorts from Forever 21

Silk blouse from Banana Republic and high-waisted shorts from Forever 21

Photograph taken while out and about, I liked how this outfit used similar elements and found it to be a cute and more affordable alternative to Kayne’s version shown above. To get this look, check out these links:

Shirt from Banana Republic: Silk tie-neck blouse

Shorts from Forever 21: Pleated High Waist Short w/Belt. Side note…belts are one of my favorite accessories, but there are times when a look need not be complicated by one. The belt on these particular shorts is removable, so I advise taking it off in order to achieve this particular look.)

As always, thanks for viewing…à demain! xx

As per ushe, I was perusing through my English friend Mark’s Facebook albums and came across this photo. Like I mentioned in my last post, I have become fixated on shortalls and have found myself fantasizing about them, and all the different ways they could be worn. Shown here, this hip Londoner has chosen to opt for a more bohemian look for summer, however I would like to think these could also be paired with tights to be worn during the colder months. I love how she is casual with her look—not trying too hard—but is still put together and makes it her own. If you too, are loving this look, but are not quite sure which fit to buy or how to make sure you don’t end up looking like Donna Martin on 90210 circa 1990, I would suggest a loose fit. It is also important that they are not too long in the leg creating a strange capri pant look but also not too short or tight around the thigh so that they become bootie shorts. Check out this link: Yoox denim shortalls

For options regarding the differing seasons, try these two on for size:


Summer pairings: White or black tank, one or two necklaces/thin chains, gladiator sandals, or cute woven caramel-colored flats.

And, for…

Winter pairings: Black tights, black puffy-sleeved top or more casual black V-neck short sleeve top,  a braided caramel leather belt, one long necklace/thin chain, booties, tan or brown lace-up oxfords, or if it is still relatively warmish out, say like a Fall temp, then switch it up and slip on the same woven flats mentioned above.

I must say, I love the look of black against caramel. It creates such a stimulating contrast.

Signing off…xx

I recently had a fashion daydream, which involved the discovery of the perfect black blazer— structured just enough—yet with looseness in the sleeves, allowing them to be shoved up, and therefore creating that ever-elusive female Parisian style of thrown together-togetherness. And now here I am seeing my dream come to life on The Sartorialist blog, a daily obsession of mine. A turquoise version of the main character in my said dream…sans me, standing on the street, in Paris. Up next: my new current obsession: vintage light blue denim shortalls. Stay tuned…

Until then…xx

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