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Necklaces (J.Crew and ?), Tank (?) and Jessica Simpson Tuxedo Jeans (gifted) /H&M Blazer /Forever 21 Shoes / Zara Terez Clutch (c/o)

And I give you the full ensemble. I wore this outfit on Sunday to brunch with A and a bunch of friends to my very favorite spot in the LES. Afterward, he and I wandered around the corner to the famed Freeman Alley to take in some of the wall art, funny stickers and pretty twinkly lights strung throughout the trees.










DSC_0264Remember this Zara Terez clutch? }

This outfit stemmed from wanting to wear my new silk white tank, which hangs down the perfect length in back to make me a little less self-conscious when wearing really tight jeans or pants. I doubled up my two sparkly necklaces to make one big glittery mass, and opted for my lace-up peep toes, which I recently gave a second chance when I folded down the top to make a cuff around my ankle…believe me, it looks much better. And, of course, the beloved clutch. I love, love, love it and get compliments on it wherever I go.

A told me that this was one of his favorite outfits, but now I will turn it over to you. Thoughts on this look? Anything you would have done differently? I’d love to hear!  xoxo

P.S. Every so often, I a will be incorporating a dance move into my outfit photos as a tribute to my dancing youth. Get ready.

P.P.S. Bun tutorial coming soon!



Usually when I am putting an outfit together, I tweak it until it’s just right, but don’t usually end up photographing the in-between stages. Except the other day, I did for some reason and realized it could turn out to be a fun post to show how my look evolves before the final product emerges.

In this case, the two photos above show the original version of this outfit. I chose a very simple look, with wide-legged, light colored denim and minimal accessories. However, after looking at the images on camera, something was off, and I decided it needed a little “umph.”



So, I chose to don my frames, and add an eclectic colorful clutch.


Still not quite satisfied, because I still felt like something was off, I decided to change my denim choice. So instead, I opted for a pair of skinnies in a dark wash, and added my snakeskin printed scarf for some more flair and a little pattern play.






Et, voila! Sometimes it just takes a bit of tweaking, playing and trying different options before you get the look just right, but it’s worth it in the end.

( All the outfit pieces: East Village Frames / Urban Outfitters Scarf / Gap Jeans (light wash) / L’eau Skinnies (dark wash)/ H&M Necklace / Equipment Blouse (thrifted from Value Village) / H&M Blazer / Steve Madden “Caryssa” Pumps / Zara Terez “Nolita” Clutch )
DSC_0084Urban Outfitter’s Earrings /  Frames (East Village Shop) / Urban Outfitters Scarf / H&M Top / Zara Vest / Forever 21 Jeans / Zara Terez Clutch / Steve Madden Caryssa Heels

Hello, loves! Sorry for the radio silence, I was traveling back from a long weekend in Cape Cod for a friend’s wedding. And now, I’m flying home to Seattle this morning (woo!), for a lovely two weeks with the family, and to attend another wedding! But before I left, I was lucky enough to snag this new Zara Terez clutch before I hopped on a plane to head out west. I collaborated with Tweet My Bag and Zara, the designer, and am showcasing this bag for the next week or so. All week long, there will be giveaways from Zara, all you have to do is upload a photo to Tweet My Style to enter! Also, check out Closetista, where Zara’s bags will be sold at a discount starting today at 12pm. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Regarding Zara’s collection, I have to say, when I was first shown her bags, specifically the Nolita clutch, I instantly fell in love with the shape and all the different colors it came in. I chose the hand-embroidered tapestry version because of the mixed eclectic pattern. And, not only is the outside of the bag gorgeous, but Zara spares no detail even when it comes to the inside of the bag. See below…



It’s like a disco ball inside!






As for the ensemble du jour: I like stripes, I like nude/peach/blush-colored items, and I like bold patterned scarves, especially when used in place of a statement necklace. So, basically I just combined a few of my favorite things and this is what emerged. To be honest, I got dressed in about five minutes, with minimal makeup and my hair pinned back in a bun, before running out the door to have an early dinner with the lovely Karen and her sweet friend Kendra. Afterward, I headed over to my friend Becky’s apartment for a glass of sparkling wine to toast her recent engagement! Yay! Congrats my love! xoxo

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