NYDJ x My Style Pill

I recently teamed up with NYDJ to create an outfit to share on Instagram, but I loved the pieces so much I wanted them share on the blog as well! My jeans, top and jacket are all from NYDJ and I loved the fit and style of each item. I also loved that I didn't have to hem the flares because they were already the right length for me. That is a …

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Pledge to Switch

Now that I am in my early 30s, I have really started to think about how I want to take care of myself and the changes I want to make to live a healthier lifestyle. There are a million things I know I should be better about (drinking more water, wearing sunscreen daily, flossing more regularly, to name a few) but the one thing that my Grandmother and Mother always …

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on the go

I seem to really be on a burgundy kick right now. Whether it's tights, hats, bags or socks even, I love the color and have been incorporating it right and left in my recent outfits. I’ve been dying to pull together all of my favorite wine-colored accessories into one look, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Brown, like black tights, are a perfect go-to color for everyday wear, and are …
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Fun With Isaac and Chevy

Just wanted to do a little recap of all the great things Chevy Malibu has been doing lately. For those of you just joining, you can read all about my adventure with Helena here and here, where we drove a brand new, red Malibu upstate for a weekend getaway. Then there was the fashion show and meet and greet with Isaac in LA, that sadly I couldn't attend, but …
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