Remix Challenge: Party Pants

RayBan Wayfarers / Thrifted Oxford Button-down / Thrifted Harem Pants / Coach Heels

Yesterday I went to Value Village and picked up six items for a total of $30. My loot consisted of: 1 blazer, 2 button-downs, 2 silk blouses and 1 pair of pants. I spotted these particular harem-type pants all by their lonesome at the front of one of the racks and decided to give them a whirl.

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My Outfit: Seeing Spots

H&M Blazer / Fred Flare Necklace / Forever 21 Tee / Forever 21 Dotted Silky Skirt / Thrifted Belt / Vintage Ferragamo Heels (thrifted from Beacon's Closet)

When I was back in Seattle, I went to Forever 21 with my Mom. As we wandered around, we quickly noticed the"shirt wall" they had going on, which covered an entire back wall and consisted of many bright colors and styles. At that …

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St. Thomas: Ferrying We Go!

Tuesday, we set off to explore St. John's, which is a mere 20 minute ferry ride from St. Thomas. With sunny skies and a light breeze, all I have to say it was pretty heavenly to be outdoors on a boat. It's been a while and I never take it for granted when it happens. Anyway, we enjoyed our day by exploring the shops, wandering the winding streets, and eating …

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My Outfit Remix: Splurge Dress

So, I am frantically trying to get all my work done so that I can have a nice and relaxing evening with Krystal, full of lots of laughs, good wine and yummy food. Since today, most of my work consists of sitting in front of my computer, and I don't have a whole lot of reason to leave the house, I decided to get dressed in my outfit for tonight …

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Remix Challenge: Day 4

Can anyone else believe that it's the 21st? Holy cow, where has the time gone, seriously. I hope you all have had great luck with Christmas shopping. But, if you need any  last minute gift ideas, I will be finishing up the last of my Gift Guide over the next day or two, so stay tuned!

But, for now, I give you Day 4's ensemble. Click below to see!


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My Outfit: Country Chic

Here it is, the first remix of the little red dress. In order to give it a more casual look, I opted for a basic plaid button down tied at the waist, and my vintage corduroy jacket to act as a nice contrast against the silky material of the dress. Since it was sunny out, but still crisp and fall-like, I decided on cream lace tights and a similar-hued scarf …

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