My Paper Doll: Winter Layering With Vests

I'll admit I am a bag girl through and through. But another weakness of mine in the closet department, is coats and jackets. I have quite a few ranging from puffy, insulated and practical to thin, unlined and stylish, which let's be honest, the latter description isn't always useful when it comes to the harsh winter weather we experience here in New York. What ends up happening instead is, most …
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outfit remix: leather shorts, two ways!

One of my favorite things to do with outfits and creating looks, is to remix them. I like to take one item and build around it, coming up with multiple ways to wear it. I used to do this a lot but think I need to make a point of doing more of it on the blog - I just find it so fun! And, I know I find it …
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Remix: White Tank, Version 1

A white ribbed tank top can be such a versatile piece if styled the right way. Inspired by a recent post by Karla where she wore a plain white tank and jeans, I became intrigued by the simplicity of this particular piece of clothing, which is often overlooked in an outfit. So for fun, I decided to create three looks around this classic separate.

RayBan Sunglasses (bday gift from A) …
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