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This past Tuesday, I was asked to attend and cover the The New York Art Institute’s fashion show again, where 12 students and graduates debuted their Fall 2015 collections.


The awesome and stylish girls that sat next to me!  On the left is Wickett and in the middle is Ekua.

This was the second time now that I’ve attended this show so it was really exciting to see what it would be like to come again and see the different designers and models featured in a different season. (You can watch the full show here and learn all about each designer that presented.)


I loved watching this beautiful model who was so strong and amazing walk the runway.


The above looks are my favorites. :)




I loved seeing the back of the dresses above. Aren’t they beautiful?!

The show was amazing and I felt so lucky to attend. Thank you so much to Refinery29 and The Art Institutes for having me again and letting me be involved in this special experience. Congrats to all the designers and models involved! x0



This past Tuesday, I was asked to attend and cover the The New York Art Institute’s fashion show, where 13 students and graduates would debut their Spring/Summer 2015 collections. I had never attended this type of show before so I was really excited to see what it would be like. (You can actually watch the full show here and learn all about each designer that presented.)


After I grabbed my press pass, I went backstage and snapped a couple photos right before the show began. It’s always fun to see “behind-the-scenes” action of the models getting prepped and ready to walk the runway.




From where I stood…in the photographer’s pit! It was exhilarating. I tried really hard to fit in. Thankfully I was wearing all black.


Standing in the pit, I had front row access that allowed me to snap some great photos. Like I said, I had never attended this type of show before and was really impressed with what I saw. Below are some of my favorite looks. I loved the sheathy dresses, silky materials and the updated slip dress. A lot of the pieces had a total 90s vibe going on, which I was really into.



Below are some of the designers and their models. This part was really special and I loved see the look on the designer’s faces as they walked the runway at the very end. Their expressions were priceless: a mix of excitement, relief and satisfaction. So great to see!



The show flew by and before I knew it, it was over I was back outside again. Before I hopped on the subway to head home, I snapped a quick shot of this building, which is the Opera house at Lincoln Center. It’s so majestic looking at night. Anyway, the show was a success and I feel so lucky that I was able to attend. Thank you so much to Refinery29 and The Arts Institute for having me and letting me be involved in this special experience. Congrats to all the designers and models involved! xo

Roman Luxe Necklace / Joe Fresh Dress (c/o) / J.Crew Belt and Bangles / Target Shoes / Coach Watch (c/o)
Now that Fashion Week is officially over, I thought I would bring you back to a week ago and share how I kicked off this celebratory and stylish week. I hosted Fashion’s Night Out at Joe Fresh last Thursday and had such a blast. I got to pick out my favorite pieces, meet Joe himself, and run around instagraming anything my heart desired. Some of my close friends showed up as well, which always makes things even better. All in all, a great time. Until next season! xo



I thought it would be fun to catch you all up on some of the fun things I did during Fashion Week, so I decided to create a mini photo montage of my favorite snaps from throughout the week.

Chictopia Conference






Kim getting styled up!


Lindsay from Cubicle Chic.

I was lucky enough to cover the Chictopia 10 Social Influence Summit and I got to hang out with many more lovely bloggers—old and new friends—and check out the cute items from Kmart’s new clothing line, Style Sip. I scored a cute black chunky knit scarf and a pair of lace-printed leggings.

Allison Parris Presentation


Pretty, feminine pieces at Allison Parris.

Lori Goldstein’s LOGO Instant Chic “re-chic” Party!


The fabulous Lori Goldstein showcasing her awesome line, which is available on QVC. For some reason I’m posing and cheesing it up in the background.


Keiko and Bobby!


I met Claire from Faboo last September at the Weardrobe Conference, and a year later she moved to the city to start school. I hope to see more of her soon…she’s pretty awesome.


My dear friend Audrey made the macaroons! She is super talented and I like to invite myself over to her apartment for her homemade meals. They are delish!

Tory Burch Presentation





Gorgeous, gorgeous pieces at Tory Burch. I wanted everything!


The amazing and talented Karen!

Michael Kors SS11


Look closely…see some fashion legends in there somewhere?



My LOGO Instant Chic ring!


RayBan Wayfarers / Thrifted Blazer (Value Village) / Printed Blouse (Value Village) / Forever 21 Skirt / Thrifted Belt / Forever 21 Booties / H&M Bag / LOGO Instant Chic Ring




Keiko’s amazing skirt that she designed and made herself.




On our way out, we ran into a bunch of street style photogs waiting to snap photos. My friend, Jason of Citizen Couture was there and he kindly took this photo of me and Keiko. :)

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