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Rainy Day Inspo

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I’m currently still in Orcas Island with my family and it’s been pretty rainy and gray outside, which I am of course used to seeing that I am from Seattle. But for fun, I thought I would pull together a quick and stylish outfit to hopefully inspire you during the inevitable upcoming drippy March and April showers. xo

J.Crew Sale Shopping Haul Thumb

I finally got my new video posted! Sorry it’s a little late…I had a few minor setbacks on the backend, but we are good to go!

I’m really excited to share my first real video with you guys, which is a shopping haul from J.Crew, sharing all the things I bought (on sale plus 40 percent off!!!) and how I styled them. I can’t wait for you to check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks for being the best readers a girl could ask for. You guys are truly awesome and I really appreicate your support. xo








Photos by: Keiko

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Jacket: BCBG / Shirt: J.Crew (old – here is a similar option) / Skirt: Parker (gift) / Tights: No nonsense / Boots: Aldo


The thought process behind this outfit:

First off, I want to thank you guys for your comments on my previous post. They were so helpful and insightful and actually inspired this outfit! I’ve been thinking about the month long remix challenge a lot this week and what you guys wrote got me thinking about basing outfits around more classic pieces, case in point, these slim black pants. As much as I love my slouchy boyfriend jeans, I know that most people can’t wear them to work and mostly just wear them around the house or on the weekend. So that said, I decided to pull my favorite black cigarette pants out of my closet and create an outfit around them.


I could have chosen to put on a silky shirt and a blazer, but it felt a bit too buttoned up for me on this particular day, so instead I grabbed my trusty chambray button down, which helped bring a slightly more casual feel to the look, and my new favorite scarf. I played off the colors in the scarf to help me decide on which jacket, hat and bag to wear and before I knew it, I was full dressed!





What do you guys think, do you like this look?

How do you style your black pants?

Outfit Details:

Hat: Rag & Bone / Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Scarf: Aldo (also LOVE this one) / Jacket: IRO (mine isn’t available anymore, but here is a similar, super affordable one on sale at ASOS) / Shirt: J.Crew / Pants: Zara (mine are old, but here is a similiar pair) / Heels: Schutz (mine are sold out, but here is a darker grey version) / Bag: Proenza Schouler

P.S. To be honest with you, I didn’t actually wear these shoes out in this crazy weather. I actually wore these short little UGG boots, but these heels are what I would wear if there wasn’t ice and snow on the ground. :)


I often get asked how I put an outfit together, and sometimes there is a lot of thought put into it, but other times it’s based off of something as arbitrary as the color nail polish I am wearing or a new lipstick I am trying.

Today’s outfit is a result of something like that, where for example the night before I was watching the movie Interstellar and I painted my nails a pretty light blue color called Blue Orchid by Deborah Lippmann and somehow it inspired my outfit the next day.

Sure enough, the next morning, I walked down to my closet and thought to myself, what color shirt would match my pretty new nails? As I thumbed through a few articles of clothing in the blue section (yes my closet is color coordinated) I came across my “Radical” tee from Textile by Elizabeth & James, which I hadn’t worn in a while but still really love.

With my shirt decided, I then chose to wear mostly black for the rest of the outfit simply because the color of the word on the tee was black. Seriously, that is what went through my mind.

Honestly, when it is SO cold out, it is hard to even get dressed at all sometimes, so I counted this as a win. That I managed to get out the door in something other than flannel pants and a sleeping bag jacket. You people on the East Coast know what I am talking about!


Oh and these Frye boots? My parents bought them for me a couple years ago and I forgot how much I LOVE them.

I’m bringing them back into my daily wardrobe fo sho.




Ok, so onto the finishing touches. I picked this bright scarf to wear (I wanted a pop of color) and initially I was going to wear a red lip, but changed my mind at the last minute and went with a nude lip instead. What do you guys think of the color? It’s hard to see in these photos but I like it because it almost matches my lip color but also has a bit of a mod look to it too.


Basically, what I want you to take away from this stream of consciousness is that getting dressed doesn’t always have to be so hard or stressful. Meaning, it should be fun and on your own terms. Go off what your mood is telling you, what color palette you’re into at the moment and what you want to put out into the world. I understand that a lot of you might have to go to a 9-5 or job and wear more corporate or conservative clothing, but the pieces you are wearing should harness good energy. You should feel good in your outfit!

I know that might seem like a tall order at times, but I truly believe this and teach this way of thinking to all my clients. And after some practice and self confidence, I believe this will start to happen for you if it hasn’t or isn’t already.


Photos by: Casey :)

Anyhoo, that is my two cents for the day. Thank you as always for swinging by and saying hi and reading what I have to say. Sometimes I am not sure if people actually read blogs anymore, but I still love to write (even when it’s hard to do somedays) so, THANK YOU for taking the time.

P.S. For those of you that don’t know, I work as a personal stylist and am working on starting a YouTube channel where I discuss more topics like getting dressed, remixing, and dressing for your body shape.

What do you guys think? Would you be into it? Let me know in the comments below! 

Love you guys! xo

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Jacket: Zara (old) / Scarf: Zara (old) / Shirt: Textile by Elizabeth & James / Pants: J Brand (see below for some similar options that are on sale) / Boots: Frye (more sizes here) / Bag: Proenza Schouler


I’ve been loving my little routine with my Dad and Barney lately. We grab coffee, take a nice long walk somewhere (yesterday it was up on Queen Anne) and then afterwards stop for lunch. I really cherish the quality time I get to spend with him while I’m home and feel lucky that he carves out time to be with me (and doesn’t mind taking photos for the blog:).









I love this photo. I was goofing off with Barney while my Dad was still snapping away, and he captured this gem of a moment. Love that puppy.


Photos by: My Dad :)

Outfit Credits:

Sunglasses: Ray Ban / Jacket: IRO / Shirt: Zara / Pants: Textile Elizabeth & James via Madewell (I thought these were unavailable since I bought them a long time ago, but I recently found them here and for a great price!) / Bag: Madewell / Boots: Rag & Bone






Photos by: My Dad :)

Me and my handsome pup out for a coffee and errand run. Hope your Monday is off to a great start! xo

Outfit Details:

Jacket: IRO / Sweater: Everlane / Workout Pants: Marshalls / Shoes: Nike / Bag: Madewell


Yesterday was Casey’s last day in Seattle so I wanted to make sure we had a fun Seattle-centric day. After breakfast, we drove over to Gas Works Park and took in the skyline, which was pretty incredible. The sun was shining and it was chilly out but overall pretty perfect weather considering that it’s freezing and snowing in other parts of the country right now. After that, we headed to University Village for lunch, then came home for a bit of work time, and then eventually back out for a little family dinner before heading to the airport (tear). I hate goodbyes, and even though I will see him next weekend, it doesn’t seem to make it any easier at the time of the actual goodbye. Does anyone else feel like that? It’s been so much fun having him over the past week and a half, I just didn’t want our mini vacation to end. Sigh.



On another note, I think I’m seeing a theme here with all my monochromatic outfits I’ve been wearing as of late. :) Today’s look started with these blue suede pumps from Nine West. I have been holding onto them for a while now but always struggled with how I wanted to style them. Finally, I just picked them up and started pulling together other blue items I had with me on this trip, and voila! This is what came out of it. I grabbed my beloved Mariners hat on the way out the door to add a playful yet casual touch to the overall look.







Photos by: Me and Casey :)

I hope getting back into the swing of things this week hasn’t been too rough on you and that you all have super fun weekend plans. I will be watching the Seahawks play tomorrow and then hopefully just having a relaxing Sunday at home with Barney, my parents and the Hallmark Channel. (No judgement!)

Sending love and good energy to you guys – thanks for being there. xo

Outfit Details:

Mariners Hat: MLB Shop / Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Scarf: Zara (found in the men’s department) / Jacket: True Religion (gift – mine is old, but here is a similar style from Top Shop via Nordstrom) / Shirt: Saint James / Jeans: Zara / Heels: Nine West / Bag: Proenza Schouler

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