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The Mamuye Tote

( I also love this scarf and blanket.)

This beautiful tote was handmade by a woman named Mamuye, who works for fashionABLEThe site’s mission is to help create sustainable business in Africa, with the main focus on creating opportunities for vulnerable women. So for every purchase that is made, jobs are being created so that the women are not dependent upon charity, but instead are a vital part of a developing economy. I also love how every product offered on the site is named after the woman who made it. Read about Mamuye’s story here. xo






Photos by: Helena Glazer

P.S. I love the look of a really weathered and worn-in leather bag, don’t you?

(Buy the Mamuye Tote here.)

Outfit Credits:

Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Blouse: J.Crew / Sweater: Everlane (gift – available in light grey) /Necklace: Stripes & Sequins x Bauble Bar (gift) / Bag: Mamuye Tote (gift) / Pants: Zara / Boots: Rag & Bone / Lipstick: MAC in Rebel


Cargo Leather Biker Jacket: All Saints / Sculptural Ribbon Cuff: Alexis Bittar / Turtleneck: American Apparel

I’ve been a fan of Alexis Bittar’s jewelry since 2005, when I was first introduced to it while working as an intern in the accessories closet at InStyle. I remember the pieces that the editors would call in for shoots and thinking how chic and amazing the rings, bracelets and necklaces looked. I continued to admire his jewelry whenever I would pass by this store on Bleecker, thinking how fun it would be to wear one of his amazing statement bangles. Flash forward to 2012 when I was working with a client and we were pouring over her collection of Alexis Bittar pieces that she had cumulated over the years, I was still admiring the style and shape of his jewelry. And now, here we are today, where I get to style up my very own selected pieces from Alexis Bittar’s collection and share them with you on my blog. Pretty exciting in my book!


Super Duper Strength Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Turtleneck: American Apparel / Gold Crescent Necklace: Alexis Bittar / Bag: Chanel (borrowed from Bella Bag)


Sculptural Ribbon Cuff: Alexis Bittar / Jeans: Koral (gift – unfortunately, I can’t find these online anymore, but these are very similar and ON SALE!)


Photos by: Casey Krehbiel

The pieces I chose are very wearable and versatile, and I know I will be wearing them for years to come.



Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Sweater: Top Shop (borrowed from Helena) / Jeans: Frame (gift) / Boots: Rag & Bone / Bag: Bella Bag (on loan)  Lipstick: MAC in Rebel

Happy Tuesday! Last week I attended a Juicy Couture event thrown by SheKnows for the launch of Juicy’s new perfume, Viva La Juicy Couture Gold. It was held at Gold Bar downtown, which was the perfect venue since not only was the name fitting but the decor was extremely decadent and dripping with gold embellishments. There was champagne to be drank and perfume to be spritzed, plus a super fun photo booth that Casey and I beelined for where we draped ourselves in a pink boa and funny accessories. The night was quite a success and I’ve actually been wearing the perfume nonstop. It has notes of vanilla, golden amber, berries, honeysuckle and caramel. Super sweet, but somehow not overly so. Casey sure seems to like it, so that always helps. :) If you pass a Sephora or Nordstrom anytime soon, stop in and give this perfume a try and let me know what you think! xoxo


Bag: Chanel (borrowed from Bella Bag) / Rings: Alexis Bittar (gift)


Juicy’s new perfume, Viva La Juicy Couture Gold



Here are a few photos from the event, if you’d like to see…



Top: Marimekko (gift) / Necklace: Stripes & Sequins x Bauble Bar (gift) / Jeans: Frame (gift) /Bag: Chanel (borrowed from Bella Bag)





Happy Monday! For those of you involved in Fashion Week, are you surviving ok? So far, so good on my end. It’s been great being back this season and jumping into the mix of things. I’m always sad to leave my family at the end of the summer, so I’ve kept myself busy by seeing close friends, attending dinners and parties, and of course going to fashion shows and presentations. All in all, I’ve really enjoyed the past week.

So I know I usually do my “Over the Weekend” post on Mondays, which will be coming a little bit later on today, but right now I am really excited to re-share this fun video I shot with L’Oréal Paris, showcasing my five summer must haves. I first shared it on the blog in late August, for those of you that saw it, but for those of you that might have missed it, here it is one more time! YAY!

The video was shot earlier in the summer and I was asked to pinpoint five things I can’t live without during the warmer months, which I go into detail below. For the makeup part, my focus was going to be on their Voluminous Miss Manga mascara, Infalliable Silkissime eyeliner and Colour Riche Fuchsia Lipstick. I’ve been a fan of the brand for a long time so I was excited to give these products a whirl, especially because the colors I choose were bright and bold, perfect for summer.

So even though it’s officially not summer anymore (although the weather in New York, begs to differ) I wanted to share with you again my top five summer items I can’t live without during the warmer months. Just press play, if you’d like to see! xo

My Five Summer Must Haves And Why…

Clare V. Leopard Clutch: I have coveted this leopard clutch for quite some time because I just knew it would go with everything I owned. Once I finally purchased it, I was right. The pattern is great, the material is soft and flexible and the best part is, it holds a ton but still pulls a look together instantly. It’s the perfect chic little carryall!

J.Crew Panama Hat: During the summer I am in the sun a lot, especially the past few months with all the traveling I’ve been doing, so I need to have protection from the sun. I basically lived in this Panama hat from J.Crew because it was the perfect way to keep the sun off my face while still looking stylish.

L’Oreal Infallible Silkissime Teal Eyeliner: In the past I always just stuck to black, brown or dark gray eyeliner. But recently, I’ve been branching out and on the lookout for a colorful eyeliner that won’t make me look or feel clownish. When I showed up to shoot this video, I was asked to choose between an electric teal liner and pretty marine blue color. I loved both, but I was drawn to the turquoise for some reason. I started playing around with it and was immediately impressed with how effortlessly it glided on without scraping or getting stuck on my eyelid. We used it in the video and then I took it home with me and used it all summer long. I especially love how it makes my green eyes pop!

L’Oreal Extraodinare by Colour Riche Fuchsia Lipstick: Throughout my years of working with fashion and beauty brands, I have accumulated a lot of lipsticks. Some I like better than others for sure, but I always figure, at the end of the day, you can never have enough lipstick options, right? I am always open to trying new kinds and brands, plus I love bright colors, so of course I picked out this bold fuchsia lipstick. You apply it with an applicator and at first it feels like your just wearing a thick gloss because of it’s shiny and creamy consistency. I was worried it would come right off. But after wearing it for many hours during the shoot, I only had to reapply a couple times. I love that it’s rich in color and has great staying power, lasting all day.

L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara: I go through mascara pretty quickly because I use a lot of it and often. I have my tried and true favorites that I’ve used forever, but then I was introduced to Miss Manga and immediately hooked. This mascara immediately gives you huge, doll-like lashes and has a flexible wand that allows you to cover all your lashes, even the hard to get, itty bitty ones, which you can reach easily without poking yourself in the eye. After the shoot, I was able to take it home with me, but went through it rather quickly and found myself at the drugstore a few weeks later buying a backup mascara. (I used Black the first time around and then tried out Black Brown because I loved it so much. Both are great.)

P.S. Thank you so much to the team who helped put this video together and for making me feel so comfortable.

I had a blast!


Dress: Donna Morgan / Necklace: J.Crew (old) / Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim (this color is no longer available, but this fuschia color is gorgeous! / Shoes: Casadei (I bought these heels on Gilt years ago, but they still have the style available in this lipstick red color. Perfect for fall!)

Earlier this summer, I did a photo shoot with the brand Donna Morgan, which is an online shop that offers a great selection of extremely versatile dresses that are easy to style, and retail under $200. I first shared about this project back in June when I showed how I styled this pretty summer maxi from day to night (also worn here). But now with fall upon us, I thought it was season-appropriate to share the second part of the shoot, which shows how I transitioned this little black dress from day to night by using pieces from my own closet.


Dress: Donna Morgan / Necklace: J.Crew (old) / Blazer: Rag & Bone (gift from Alicia) / Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim / Shoes: Casadei 


Necklace: Bauble Bar / Jacket: Zara / Bag: Clare V. / Shoes: Zara


Earrings: From Karla’s Closet x Roman Luxe Collaboration / Jacket: Zara / Clutch: DVF (old, gifted) / Shoes: Zara


Jacket: IRO (I scored this jacket majorly on sale but this inky-hued, deep purple version is also pretty stunning.) / Necklace: Bauble Bar (gift) / Bag: J.Crew / Shoes: Schutz (old, but similar options here and here)

The thing about a LBD is, it can be worn alone and still look amazing because it represents a polished, chic look, perfect for the office or happy hour, depending on the length and cut of course. :) But sometimes it’s fun to change it up a bit. So for instance, an easy way to create a daytime look is to try and keep the colors a bit brighter to lighten up the look of the dress. In this case, I used a punchy neon bag and pretty lavender shoes. Then for evening styles, I opted for more bold and striking pieces, such as a patterned leopard coat or an edgy maroon leather jacket. xo

P.S. Looking for some great versatile dresses for fall? You’re in luck! Donna Morgan is now offering 15% off the site with the code MSP0915, valid from 9/4-9/6! Happy shopping! xo



This past weekend, I headed up to Whistler for a good friend’s Bachelorette party. I can’t believe I had never been there before, especially since I went to college in Bellingham, Washington, which is about 20 minutes away from the Canadian border. But, regardless, this trip was a blast and I am so happy to have finally experienced this charming town. I can’t wait to go back during the winter and ski!


 We took a light hike to Lost Lake and sat out on the dock enjoying the view.







We managed to head back right before it started pouring down rain, but I’m happy I managed to capture some pretty pictures of the lake and trail beforehand.


After the brief downpour, a double rainbow appeared, which is always breathtaking to see in person. My friend Lacy actually captured this gorgeous photo on her iPhone.


The girls!

I hope you guys all had a fantastic weekend and feel rested and ready for September.

Goodbye summer, hello fall!




Last Friday, Casey and I ventured over to Captiol Hill where we had lunch at Barrio, then drove over to Madison Park so I could show him Lake Washington. We spent time walking along the water and snapped a few pictures before heading back over to South Lake Union to meet friends for dinner. It was such a beautiful day and Seattle felt pretty magical. Summer here is just my favorite.




I had to drop him off at the airport tonight (there may have been some tears) but I think the city stole his heart just as I was hoping it would. The trip was a great success and we had a blast. I will be in town for another week so stay tuned for more Seattle-centric photos! xo

Hat: Panama Hat (I found mine in a shop in Spain but this version by Anine Bing is pretty spot on) / Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Necklace: Forever 21 / Shirt: Zara / Skirt: Michael Kors (I found mine at a consignment shop, but I love this one by Current/Elliott) / Shoes: UGG (old) / Bag: YSL (on loan from Bella Bag)


Yesterday I took Casey to Kerry Park in Queen Anne. It’s one of my favorite places in the city and I love taking people there when they come to visit because not only is the view breathtaking, I love seeing their initial reaction as we drive up to the overlook. Gorgeous, isn’t it? But on top of wanting to visit Kerry Park for the view, I knew it was the perfect place to shoot this outfit for Lands’ End. I partnered with the brand to try a new pair of their jeans since they recently relaunched their denim line. They are now focusing on achieving a great fit for everyone, offering low, medium and high rises (I’m wearing this style) in soft material and in various washes. The new styles also now come with slightly slanted back pockets and a higher waist in the back that trims your shape immediately. I also really like their chambray shirts, especially the striped one I’m wearing. You can check out more denim styles here!









Panama Hat: (bought in Spain) / Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Necklace: Bauble Bar / Shirt: Lands’ End / Jeans: Lands’ End / Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s (mine are an older style, but I also love their new striped version)