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Ever since I got my ears re-pierced ( I now have two on one side and three on the other), I have loved playing around and mixing and matching with different studs. My usual go-to is Bauble Bar for fashion forward and wallet friendly pieces, so when I got hold of their Play By Ear Gift Set I was over the moon. Their gift box is full of so many various styles you can’t help but be inspired to mix and match and wear as many as you can. That said, I thought I would give it a whirl and do quick little earring remix for you guys!





Photos by: Lydia Hudgens

Shop some my favorite pieces plus the box set!

P.S. My tee is by Current/Elliott


Today’s post is all about peach on poppy, and silver on beige. Basically, tone on tone, which is just enough simple, just enough chic, don’t you think? xoxo





RayBan Aviators / Erica Weiner “Downward Facing Chevron Necklace” (gift from a client!) / H&M Blouse / Express Shorts / F21 Shoes / Foley + Corinna Bag / Coach Boyfriend Bracelet (gift)
{ Photo credit: Emma Stine }

Aren’t these earrings the cutest?


On Tuesday night, I went with my friends Keiko and The Owls, to a jewelry making party at Fenton/Fallon, located near the end of Freeman Alley in the LES, where we played with chains, jewels and more chains to create our very own necklaces.

The vibe was great, with India Jewel-Jackson, a.k.a. DJ Belle de Jour (she blogs for glam.com) as the DJ, (also a former intern with me at InStyle) along with yummy St. Germain cocktails made with U’Luvka Vodka, plus tasty cookies and bowls of jelly bellys! I have always wanted to make necklaces and recently have thought about trying my hand at it, so this was the perfect way to get my feet wet.

I promise to showcase my necklace soon, but in the meantime, here a few photos from the night. To see a few more, click here!






When I get dressed in the morning, my process usually involves me basing an entire outfit around one thing, then I build the rest from there. For instance, let’s say I feel in the mood for a sleek, stylized look, complete with a Scallop Plate statement necklace, (photos to come!) I create my entire outfit around that piece. The same goes when I am daydreaming of outfits and creating them online. This ensemble started when I was on Cupcakes and Cashmere today and saw these lovely headbands. I checked out the site and found one I adored. It inspired me so much, that I decided to create an outfit around it, which coincidentally includes the watch necklace that I previously posted about.

I started with the headband, which reminded me of the beach and seaside style from the 1920s. Then, that made me think of high waisted, pleated shorts, which would look great with a light-weight pastel-colored blouse…tucked in of course. Next, I searched for some sandals and settled on these because of their vintage appeal and the fact that they were woven. (Woven, flat sandals are great for summer.) Lastly, I threw in the awesome watch necklace I found on ModCloth, then topped it off with the headband, which I would wear over my bangs, with my hair down, et voila! Perfect for walking on a “Boardwalk by the Sea.”


Reasons behind my wish list:

Shell-inspired earrings make me feel summery. Summery things make me think of the beach. And, the beach makes me think of cookouts. I would wear any one of these three pairs to a fun BBQ with friends, Corona in one hand, hamburger in the other.

1. Fan Dixc Earrings 2. Scallop Shape Earrings 3. Shell Shape Earrings

Statment Necklaces are just the thing to spruce up an otherwise plain outfit. Slip one of these beauties on and you will instantly feel put together. Each one has a different style, so I would wear the first one to a cocktail party, the second one out to brunch, and the third one out dancing.

1. Ribbon Flower Necklace. 2. Flattened Floral Necklace. 3. Scallop Plate Necklace

Gold Rings are something that I can not get enough of. I used to consider myself a “silver” person, but over the past few years I have come to love my gold accessories. The best part about these little gems? You can pair them with anything. They are small enough that even if slightly fancy or extra chunky, they don’t take away from your overall outfit, but instead add that extra je ne sais quoi.

1. Quill Ring 2. Jewel Petal Flower Ring. 3. Hammered Dome Ring

Et, voila! What are some things that you are currently coveting? Shoot me an email (stylist.stylepill@gmail.com) or leave a comment—I would love to know!


Photo via Vintage Tea

Back when I was working at InStyle, my friend J and I loved to obsess and pour over pictures of Nicole Richie. This was back in 2005 when she was really coming into her own in regards to her personal style. Now, four years later—quite a different Nicole than she was in those days—she has a new baby girl and a jewelry line named after her called, House of Harlow 1960. The pieces from the line are said to be influenced by Nicole’s love of the 60s and 70s, which is clear from these photos, and the prices range from $50 and $130. With that said, I must admit I like to channel my inner hippie  from time to time, especially when the weather gets hot and humid. Because my answer to the sweltering weather consists of me slipping into a long, fluid paisley maxi dress and letting my hair go au natural… a.k.a curly. Seems like House of Harlow 1960 is just what I need to accessorize my flower child style.

What do you think of her new line?




Two things I look for in jewelry…simplicity, and humor. Prismera has the elegant details and slight texture that I love to find in bracelets and earrings, and Emily Elizabeth Jewelry keeps it light and fun with her necklace designs. Don’t you get a kick out of the saltine cracker? I am also loving these pieces—spotted on A Cup of Jo—by Blanca Monros Gomez. SPxx

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