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DSC_0081Versace Sunglasses (gifted from Sunglass Hut) / F21 Necklace / Zara Blouse and Skirt / Express Tights / Vince Camuto Booties / Camille Zarsky Red Porfolio Clutch (gift)





Black can be so difficult to photograph, especially black on black, but if you look closely at this skirt, you will notice that the front has a cool cut out, making it short in the front and long in the back. I found this little gem while I was in London, but it’s also available online and I just saw it in the stores this past week. Oh Zara, you’ve done it again…

The other night I partook in a very cool photo shoot along side Keiko, Lindsey, Tess, and Helena, who I finally got to meet! She is the beautiful girl behind the lovely blog, Brooklyn Blonde, and let me tell you, she is just as lovely in person. (She was the one that actually inspired me to buy the skirt I’m wearing, which I got it on sale at ASOS for $18, after I first saw her wear it here.) I just have to say, I feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful and inspiring women in this industry and be a part of so many amazing opportunities. I’m a lucky girl. xoxo

DKNY Blazer (never worn, thrifted from Crossroads Trading Co.) / Equipment Blouse (Loehmann’s) / ASOS Skirt (on sale!) / H&M Bag and Cuff / Coach Watch (gift) / F21 Necklace




Jupe Boutique Striped Boatneck Sweater (gift, also seen here) / F21 Shorts, Necklace / Nine West Espadrilles (c/o of Shop It To Me)
{ Photos by: Peter Cameron }







I have to admit something…I have a section in my closet purely dedicated to tops in the beigey-pink-white-neutral color scheme, and I adore each and every piece…this lightweight sweater being one of them. I have also had these shorts for a while now and wear them incessantly. The color and fit is just that perfect. So, I guess as much as I am drawn to bold colors, I am also a huge sucker for soft, easy neutrals…and apparently, pairing them together…

P.S. I also love how the straps of these sandals parallel the stripes in my top…just a fun little additional detail to my easy breezy ensemble. xoxo


H&M Sunglasses, Skirt, Bag and Anorak / F21 Tank and Necklace / Margarita Saplala Scarf (gift) / Vintage Boots (bought at Screaming Mimis) / French Connection, UK Style by French Connection Washed Chambray Shirt


Last weekend I was out at a client’s house for a styling session and she mentioned that there was a mall near by. This was sort of exciting to me because in Manhattan, we don’t have normal malls. Sure there is fantastic shopping, but honestly, sometimes you just want a one-stop-shop. She went on to tell me that they had a Forever 21 there that was massive and not usually crowded, which compared to the jostling versions in the city, this sounded like bliss to me. So, I after we were done, I made my way over there and ended up finding this silky tank and a really cool necklace, which you can sort of see in the first photo.

All in all, my trip to the mall was a success and since it is so close to the city, whenever I need a dose of suburbia, I know where to go to get my fix.


F21 Hat, Anorak / Lulu’s Maxi Dress (c/o) / Lauren by Ralph Lauren Belt and Bag (c/o) / Nine West “Violanda” Espadrilles (c/o)




This was the day that we decided to walk all the way from the French Quarter to the Garden District. (For those of you live in, or know Nola well, you will understand how far this walk was.) Our goal? To see The Lafayette Cemetery. About two hours later, we arrived at said destination. The amazing thing? All three of us walked almost the whole time in these shoes. (Lindsey and I are both wearing Nine West and Keiko is rocking a sky-high Jessica Simpson platform.) Actually, now that I remember, Lindsey didn’t bring flats, so she actually walked the entire time in her platforms without her feet falling off. I think that’s saying a lot about a shoe.

It was a wonderful day. We saw a bunch of different neighborhoods that ordinarily we would not have seen if it wasn’t for our meandering “jaunt” to the other side of the city. We actually had a great time and took tons of photos. Later that evening, we got gussied up to attend Sophomore’s fashion show, then went for drinks at the Ritz, and finally onto an amazing dinner at Lilette. The cherry on my sundae? “A” flew in for the weekend, and was waiting for me when I got back to the hotel. :) All in all, it was a fantastic evening.



UO earrings / H&M Top and Shorts /Lauren by Ralph Lauren Belt, Shoes (c/o), Coach Watch (c/o)




This is Juley, an awesome Nola blogger, who writes the cool site, Swank Heights. I snapped this photo of her at the Sophomore show because I was so taken with her yellow dress and owl pin! Isn’t she so chic?

Had enough of Nola talk yet? No? Good, because there’s more to come tomorrow! :) xoxo

errands-panama-hatJ.Crew Panama Hat / RayBan Aviators / The Limited Scarf (gifted) / F21 Sweatshirt / Levi Jeans (gifted) / Coach Boyfriend Bracelet (gifted) /H&M Tote / J.Crew Socks / Seychelles Boots

I have come to the sad realization that I haven’t taken any outdoor shots in a while. Between traveling, getting sick, freezing cold weather and fashion week, there just hasn’t been time to do so, but don’t worry, there will be a resurgence soon! In the meantime, I am going to shoot mostly studio shots because otherwise all you would see is me outside in a big winter coat instead of actually seeing what I’m wearing underneath. Seriously, it is that cold! Hopefully that changes soon. Okay, enough about the weather and onto the outfit.

I wore this simple ensemble to run errands today in the late afternoon. What I like about this mixture is that the bones of the outfit are very basic and simple, and it’s the accessories that really tie it all together. To create a similar look, start by taking away all the accents. What you are left with is a plain sweatshirt and jeans. But by simply adding your favorite hat, a vibrant scarf, a trusty tote and comfy ankle boots, you can zip zap your ensemble from casual to casual-chic in no time! (I also wore cheeky striped socks, which sadly you can’t see, but are still a fun addition that I highly recommend.) xoxo

I have had my eye on these boots for about a week now but want to make sure that I would get actual wear out of them. I think they would be super cute with dark skinny jeans tucked in to the boot, paired with my blue and white checked shirt and this cozy knit thrown over the top. What do you think my dear readers? Should I purchase or pass? xoxo 



copy cat-kendi1

copy-cat Urban Outfitters Earrings / Vintage Bird Blouse (20Twenty in Ballard) / H&M Belt / F21 Skirt / Black Tights / Aldo Shoes (c/o)

This outfit was directly inspired by what Kendi wore yesterday. Is that creepy? I hope not, because I am constantly inspired by my blogger buddies and this time was no different. That is how smitten I was over her outfit. Also, I love black and tan together, as well as animal printed blouses, so I dug around in my closet and this is what I came up with.

P.S. I now need a shirt with foxes on it, like this one!