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Hey guys and happy Wednesday! So I recently did a video on my YouTube channel talking about my September  favorites so I thought I would make a blog post out of it as well. Check out my current favorite items below!


Side note: For those of you that aren’t familiar with this series, it focuses on my favorite sites, highlighting my favorite pieces, and will change and rotate every Wednesday with different styles and price points. Happy shopping! xoxo

Hey everyone! Today’s post is a video that shares my current favorite items when it comes to accessories and beauty products. So, if you like those things and have time to watch a video, please do so! I hope you enjoy it, and I would love to know what you guys are loving at the moment, so leave me a comment below – I will be checking throughout the day. :) Happy Thursday, and here’s to it almost being the weekend! xo

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Photo via The Sartorialist

This is one of those looks that makes me go all soft inside. So, I have decided to break it down and explain everything I love about it. To start, sorry about this, but the fur looks great. I know, I know! But, who knows, maybe it’s fake? One can hope. Anyway, I like the belt she chose, which adds an interesting element to the jacket. And the touch of the cuffed sleeves showing the lining plus whatever cardigan she is wearing underneath is genius. The dress peeking out through the bottom opening of the coat drives me crazy in the best way possible because now I’m dying to see what the whole piece looks like. Plus the pattern looks so flowy and feminine. And then there are the accesories. Great bag, check. To-die-for shoes, check. And, I can only guess that is a hat in her hand? Oh, the intrigue…Spxx




Photos via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Joanna from A Cup of Jo recently wrote a post about how to dress like a Parisian woman. She even interviewed Garance Dore, the amazing Parisian street-style photographer. I must say, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere nails it here with her awesome blue and white top. I love everything about her look. The stripes, the shirt, the nails, the purse, the shoes, and of course the headband. So cute. But, how does she get it to stay put on her head? I recently just bought one like this but it makes my hair poof up—ridiculously so—on either side! Oh well, guess I will just keep fiddling with it!

1259blkwhtwebPhoto via The Sartorialist

Those lips, that hair…her jacket! This girl has such an interesting and appealing look about her. I really like this shot because it reminds me of something that would be on the awesomely cool blog, Le Smoking. Also, I wish my hair would look like that when I shove it up into a messy bun. Le sigh.



So, it’s nearing the end of the day and I felt like adding this little piece of eye candy for your viewing pleasure. I am pretty much obsessed with Mackage and have been ever since I first got my very own gorgeous cream coat in the winter of 2004. I have yet to buy another but endlessly peruse ebay and online stores looking for any that might be on sale. Today, I went to the their website and saw the Mackage Doddy jacket. Such a little beauty. It may not be made of wool and leather, but it sure is cute and the price tag is a little easier to digest. Don’t you just love the collar and puffed sleeves? And look at that side zipper detailing? I love me some zipper detailing

Enjoy, my friends! SPxx

(Photo via Mackage)


Photo via Punky b’s fashion diary

Yummy! And, they are on sale! What’s better than that?

Steve Madden, MADALYNN, $109.95, $69.95

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