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Christine Cameron of My Style Pill eating at Midnights a new restaurant in Williamsburg 7I met my friend Paul eight years ago while we were both working as editors at the same home decor magazine. But little did I know that he and I would become really close friends throughout the years and that he would eventually invest in, and help open a very cool restaurant in Williamsburg…read more >

Hello, hello! Sorry for the lack of posts that past couple of days, but I ‘m back and excited to share this video with you guys! Back in March, I partnered with SheKnows and Dove to discuss how I ground myself and when I feel most beautiful. Head over here to read the full post!

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Christine Cameron of My Style Pill wearing Janessa Leone hat with striped dress and white vans 4

I just ordered this sturdy woven straw hat by Janessa Leone from Shopbop, and although it’s definitely on the pricier side, I know that I will wear this hat a bunch this spring and summer, so in my mind, the cost per wear evens out in the end…

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Christine Cameron using a Vitamix blender for cooking at home

Photo credit: Vitamix

Now that I am in my 30s I am starting to pay closer attention to things like skincare, healthy eating and exercise. I have always been aware of these things because I grew up as an active kid, ate well and was taught about how to take care of my skin at a young age, so I think generally I know how to live a healthy lifestyle…

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MInted Collage

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As I am sure you might have noticed, I am a huge fan of the website, Minted.com, and have linked to the site here as well as on Instagram, of some of the pieces we have hanging in our apartment. I love going there for fun and interesting art because not only is it affordable, but they will frame your pieces for you! Win, win!
I pulled together my favorite pieces for you to show a little sampling of what they have to offer. :)
P.S. Casey’s nickname for me is ladybug (bug for short) and I just came across this pillow on Minted. How cute would that look in grey for our bedroom?!
*Excludes fine art & home decor, includes photo gifts and custom art

Christine Cameron wearing a white blazer with dark wide leg denim by Hudson and Vince Camuto purse 3Outfit Details:

Illesteva Sunglasses | BCBG Blazer (mine is old, but I LOVE this one and think I might get it because it’s on sale!) | Rebecca Taylor Shirt (old – gift) | Hudson Jeans (gift) | Vince Camuto Bag (gift)

I’ve had a bag of clothing sitting in my closet for the past six months that I have desperately needed to bring into the dry cleaners/tailors not only to be cleaned but also to be tailored. I finally took care of it while I was home in Seattle and was amazed at what a difference it made…

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christine cameron wearing dainty earringsPhoto by: Lydia Hudgens

(Earrings from top to bottom: New York AdornedH&M, Bauble Bar)

Lately I have been noticing that I am really not that into wearing a ton of “loud” jewelry anymore, which is weird because I used to LOVE wearing big statement necklaces or layering tons of bangles with my watch. Don’t get me wrong, I still love accessorizing with jewelry, but am transitioning into daintier, more classic, simple pieces that I hope to have for a long time. That seems to be my theme lately, but that’s for another blog post. :)

I have a mix of inexpensive and pricier little earrings, but have been on the lookout to find even more favorites because I love playing around with mixing and matching them now that I have three holes in each ear. Right now, I am loving pieces from Melissa Joy Manning (I love her little “hug hoops” and can sleep in them comfortably), Ariel Gordon, Catbird, Kendra Scott, Bauble BarH&M, and Forever 21 for a range of prices and styles. (If you have really sensitive ears, it might make sense to invest in a couple pairs of really nice studs that are made of a metal that won’t irritate your skin, so keep that in mind when browsing around.)

Now I want to hear from you guys! What kind of jewelry are you into right now? Do you have any places that you shop for dainty jewelry that I need to know about? I would love to hear, so leave me a comment below! xoxo

P.S. If you live in New York and are looking to pierce your ears (or anything else really) head to New York Adorned and schedule an appointment with Colby. He is so good at making the process basically painless with his calm and reassuring nature, and he is really good at hole placement so that everything looks symmetrical. 

Christine Cameron wearing a vince camuto saddle bag next to cherry blossoms on queen anne hill in seattle 2

My Dad and I had to run some errands yesterday but we ended up driving through Queen Anne and came across these gorgeous cherry tree blossoms…

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