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Hey everyone! Today’s post is a video that shares my current favorite items when it comes to accessories and beauty products. So, if you like those things and have time to watch a video, please do so! I hope you enjoy it, and I would love to know what you guys are loving at the moment, so leave me a comment below – I will be checking throughout the day. :) Happy Thursday, and here’s to it almost being the weekend! xo

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Today’s post and video is all about four simple ways to style your hair in no time with minimal product just by changing up your part or pulling your hair up off your face into a high bun. I also think you can easily update your everyday look just by by playing with different lipstick shades. A red versus a bright pink versus a nude color can transform your face.

But back to the hair styles at hand! When it comes to hair parts, often times, women part their hair on auto-pilot and if you’ve been doing it the same way for years, changing your part can update your whole look! And whenever I really want to switch it up, I whip my hair off my face and style it in a high bun. I immediately feel sophisticated and chic.

Watch my newest video to see how I quickly and easily achieved these four easy styles! xo

MAC in Hug Me /  Dolce & Gabbana in Fire /  Nars in Schiap

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A few weeks ago, I decided my hair needed a serious change. It was currently red and as much as I loved it, I was ready to lighten it up for the upcoming summer months. So, I called upon my beloved salon, ARROJO, where I have been getting my hair done for the past four years, and booked an appointment.

The salon recently opened up a new location in Williamsburg, (I usually go to the Varick location) so I headed out their to check it out. I was placed with two amazing girls, Francesca for color and Clare for cut. I knew I wanted to try balayage and couldn’t wait to see the final outcome of my new ‘do.








My girls!




Here is Francesca “painting” my hair.




Almost done…



Now for a much-needed cut with Clare.




Finally, the process is complete!


The salon just had their official grand opening party last night, so I showed up a little early to get my roots touched up by Francesca, and my hair styled by the amazing guest stylist, Paul. (He does hair for the Victoria’s Secret shows!!!) He taught me all sorts of tips and tricks on how to get a beachy wave and what product to use that won’t weigh them down. (He recommends this and this!)




I am so over the moon happy with my hair and I love how it feels sun-kissed, beachy and perfect for summer.




The party was packed and super fun. Casey came and met me after work and afterwards we had pizza at Motorino, which was really yummy. All in all, a great night! Congrats, ARROJO, on your new beautiful salon and THANK YOU for amazing hair color and cut!

If you guys are ever in the area, or even if you aren’t, make the trip to Williamsburg and check it out, it’s worth it! xo

Spring Beauty Favorites -Blog

Hey everyone! So, seeing that today’s YouTube video is about my favorite spring beauty products I am loving right now, I thought I would share them on the blog as well! But, I promise you will get a kick out of the video, because you know…I’m just that funny. :)

Anyhoo, above are five products I have been using non-stop over the past month and just wanted to share them with you. You can find out why I love them SO much by clicking here!


1. Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Sunscreen
2. Skyn Iceland Face-Lift-In-A-Bag Mask
3. Dr. Brandt Needles No More
4. INGLOT Long For Mascara
5. Ouidad Color Preserving Shampoo & Conditioner

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Christine-Cameron-Aerin_Step2 (1)

Christine-Cameron-Aerin_Step3 (1)

Christine-Cameron-Aerin_Step4 (1)

Christine-Cameron-Aerin_Step5 (2)


Photography by: Camilo Villota

Last week I swung into the Glossybox offices to get dolled up by the very talented makeup artist, Tomy Rivero. He created a soft, natural look for me with products by Aerin Lauder, which is right up my alley because it felt very manageable and something I could recreate again easily enough. I always love chatting with makeup artists and picking their brains on their methods, tips, tricks and all that jazz, because anything to make me look glowing and fresh faced, I love.

Below, Tomy opens up about his process and how he created this pretty and natural makeup look!                  

What were the steps you did to create this eye?

In order of use, I applied the Aerin eye brightener all over the eyelid to prime as this helps reduce redness and preps the eyelid to show the shadows true pigment and help with longevity.

Next, I applied the warm peach shade in the Aerin Kaleidolight Palette with a crease brush and shaped the eyelid to create a soft contour for definition and warmth.

Last, using a large eye shadow brush, I gently stroked the brush to create a color wash for a subtle pop of color.

What brushes did you use?

Big Shadow brush for a color wash. Small crease brush for definition

What kind of primer did you use?

Aerin Eyelight Concealer in Light.

Where do you put the pink powder on your cheek?

Everyone’s face shape is different, therefore depending on your face shape, there are certain places where you should apply the blusher. As a rule of thumb, look in the mirror, smile and on the highest planes of your cheeks pop a bit of color for a fresh look.

What is the best brush to apply cheek powder with? Do you use bronzers and powders?

I like to use a big fluffy brush when I do rouge and apply a splash of color for a natural look instead of a placed cheek color and contour look.

What is the best way to create a rosy cheek?

Take a nude lipstick, as long as its not frosted and dap two dots high on your cheekbones and blend for a natural rosy glow.

What are your tips for creating a cheek contour?

Mix your blush with a darker bronzer without shimmer and brush right under your cheekbones for an extra pop of color after your makeup is done; this way you can tell how much you need.

How did you create this this pink sheer lip?

Aerin Rose Lip Balm – my new obsession. If you layer lightly, it looks great on guys too!

Do you have any additional tips for creating a natural spring look?

Stains! They are fantastic for Spring and you can play with really beautiful bright colors that just pop your natural undertones. For fresh look and translucent finish.

Thanks so much, Tomy! And a big thank you to AERIN and Glossybox for letting me be a model for an afternoon and to Camilo for taking amazing photos! xoxo



One of my favorite things about going to the salon is getting my hair washed. I love having my head rubbed, the warm water is so soothing and having someone else wash your hair just feels so luxurious. Don’t you agree? It’s really the best thing ever in my book.

Well, on Tuesday, I was lucky enough to experience a hair treatment (the Emergencée Restorative Strength Conditioning Treatment was/is amazing) and styling session at the new Nexxus hair salon in Tribeca. I not only had the hair washing and head massage of a lifetime (their wash chairs recline and are made by the same company as dentist office chairs!!!) but I was walked through a personal hair diagnosis via an interactive touch screen mirror by Nexus’ Creative Director, Kevin Mancuso himself, then whisked away to a styling chair for a blow out complete with a touch of beachy waves for my final look by the lovely and talented Patrick.


This ingenious interactive mirror walks you through a texture matrix based on the type and diameter of your hair (you upload a photo of yourself before you get your hair cut) and based on your answers, it helps you choose a color, style and product regimen. What?! Genius. I was so impressed.

The other great thing about this system is, it remembers exactly what you had done by saving your photos and data so you can always get exactly what you’re looking for each time you come in! Again, totally sold.


These chairs recline all the way back, as you can see in the photo below, which totally eliminate neck cricks and discomfort altogether. You basically feel like you are lying in a soft and comfy bed. Thumbs up in my book!



I had just sat up from getting my head massaged and hair washed. If you can’t tell, I was one happy and relaxed girl!


The final look!


My outfit: Top: Equipment / Pants: Rag & Bone / Boots: Rag & Bone

I got to hang with these cute girls all night, feeling all pampered and pretty, for the second portion of the night, which was the cocktail party with Cosmopolitan! (Far right, Jeannine from BeautySweetSpot, far left, Jordan from Ramshackle Glam, and Amber from Rouge18 (not pictured).)

The salon officially opens in June, but they are doing a soft launch now so you can schedule an appointment by emailing nexxusnycsalon@nexxus.com or calling 212-219-8635. You can view all their treatments here.

The Nexxus Hair Salon is located at 39 N. Moore in NYC, so if you are locally based or visiting this summer, I definitely recommend checking it out! xo

(This post was created in collaboration with Cosmopolitan Magazine but as always, all opinions are my own.)


Weekend, you were grand. You were the perfect mix of indulgent fun and relaxing moments, and I thank you for it.  I am also happy to report that I was able to get a lot of outfit (both photo and video) footage this past weekend, so I will be sharing what I wore tomorrow, not only on the blog, but on my YouTube channel as well!

To that end…I also am going to start a second channel – a vlog – which will be about my personal life and anything else that doesn’t exactly fall under the category of fashion  – we are talking more lifestyle, food, my cat, Casey, travel, family etc. So, if you guys are into that and would want to watch, please let me know because I am hoping to start it sooner than later! YAY! xoxo

P.S. I changed my hair up (again!) over the weekend at Arrojo thanks to the talented Francesca, and am really happy with it! More to come on that soon, but in the meantime, what do you guys think? I absolutely love it. :)

Hey everyone! So, seeing that I have now been uploading videos on YouTube for four weeks now, I thought I would do a little round up of what I’ve created over the past month, in case you are new here and don’t know about my channel! I upload new videos every Tuesday and Thursday and am looking forward to making even more videos throughout spring and summer. So, if you guys have anything style or beauty wise you want me to tackle or you have questions about, please let me know!


P.S. If you aren’t sure how to subscribe, it’s super easy! Just make sure you are logged into your Gmail account, then head to my channel and once you start watching a video, you should see a little red subscribe button. Just click that (or anywhere that you see the word subscribe really) and voila, you’re all set!

Thanks for following along! xo

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