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This past month, I have been working with 7FAM to make four of my New Year’s resolutions come true (you can read about the other three here, here and here) and today brings me to my final one. I have always wanted to learn photoshop and be able to make my blog better by honing my creative skills, so when the opportunity came up to attend a two-day workshop called Blogshop, I jumped at the chance. You can read all about it here, but the site describes the class as a Photoshop bootcamp where you learn the basics from scratch as well as some more advanced techniques to apply to your own layouts and blog. I seriously can’t wait! Thanks 7FAM for helping my make four wonderful resolutions come true!
P.S. My good friend Ashley took these photos this past weekend while in East Hampton, but I imagine I will wear something just as bright and colorful to class on Tuesday and Wednesday. :)


Karen Walker Helter Skelter Sunglasses / Zara Scarf and Boots / Spiewak Leyden Parka / Hive & Honey Jacket / J.Crew Top (old) / 7FAM Jeans (c/o) / Roxy Leggings / Alexander Wang Rocc Duffle Bag
Getting back into the swing of things after the holidays is always so hard for me. Do you guys struggle with the January blues too? I am slowly coming out of my mini funk but what really helped me jumpstart things and regain my focus was when 7FAM jeans came to me about a resolutions project they were working on. They asked me what were four things I wanted to try and accomplish in the first couple months of 2013 and how I envisioned making them happen. For me, I like to choose goals that will improve my life and that are important to me, but also doable and manageable. I took a day to think about it and then came up with four things that I would like to achieve that I will be sharing with you over the next month.
My first resolution is that I would like find a yoga studio I love (my old place, OM, closed down and I have yet to find another that I liked as much that one) and go at least 1-2 times a week. With my schedule, sometimes it can be very hard to fit in an hour of yoga but I am determined to do it. I have been researching different studios below 14th street and am going to start trying out various classes and teachers to see which ones/who resonate with me.


 My trick to seamlessly transitioning from running errands or meeting clients to dashing into a yoga class, is to layer fitted nylon yoga leggings underneath a pair of loser fitting jeans. I’m wearing a pair of distressed 7FAM jeans that allow just the right amount of give for a second layer. It also helps to find yoga pants that you find cute or enjoy wearing. Then after class I just tuck my jeans in my bag, leave my leggings on and slip on whatever shoes or boots I was wearing before and it helps me still feel put together.


When I am out and about, I don’t want to be lugging my mat around with me, so I will either keep it at the studio or just use what is available there to keep things simple. Also not needing to worry about running shoes allows me to just use my bag as an easy carry-all for all my essentials.




Photos by Lydia Hudgens
Another little trick I like to do when it is freezing out and I am transitioning between things in my day – such as running from an errand or a low key meeting to a yoga class, is to layer and play with mixing patterns, which creates an interesting dimension underneath my puffy coat. When it is so cold outside it can be very tempting to not care what you put on underneath your parka, but by layering with fun pieces, I know that every time I take off my huge sleeping bag of a jacket, I will still feel cute and put together. :)
Thanks for reading about my first resolution. It felt great to share it with you guys and wish me luck on finding a studio that I love. I am also open to any suggestions you might have so here is to a New year, new visions! #7FAMvisions xo
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