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Studio - painting 3My days here have been flying by and I have really been trying to focus on getting this space finished and start working on some projects I have in mind. I’m also currently expanding my styling business out here so that has been my other main focus as of late, which is why I’ve been taking a little break from outfit posts. But I thought I would give you guys a little update on the office and share where I’m at with it all!
Studio - painting 2I picked a super white paint to brighten up the space and freshen up the walls since this is where I will be doing all my filming for YouTube.
Studio - painting 4The space now has some furniture, however I am still waiting on a few things so I haven’t taken any more photos recently. But my rug should hopefully be showing up by next week since it was on backorder and I purchased this desk and this fun clothing rack. I am also working on figuring out which artwork I want to go up on the walls, but am hoping that the whole space will come together by early September!Studio - painting 1This originally was going to be my beauty closet, but instead, I am going to remove the two bottom shelves, install a horizontal pole to hang clothing and then add some drawers on the very bottom for jeans and pants etc. I also now have a large floor to ceiling shelving unit that is perfect for all my makeup and products, which I am in the process of organizing. Eeek!

Anyway, I have all sorts of plans for this space and can not wait to continue sharing them with you guys, so definitely keep an eye on this space over the next couple of weeks! You can follow my Instastories as well at @mystylepill. :) xo

Studio 1Happy Tuesday! Last week I shared some of my office inspiration with you guys, but I definitely wanted to make sure I shared what my soon-to-be-studio looked like beforehand, because I think before and after projects are so fun to watch, don’t you?

This space in particular never really had a purpose other than being used for random storage, so the flow and aesthetic didn’t have a cohesive feel to it, but I’ve made great progress on it so far, which feels great. Anyway, many more photos of the during and after to come!

Here is what I started with…Studio 2 Studio 3Studio 7

Office Inspo 5


If you’ve been following me on my Instastories (@mystylepill), you know that I am in Seattle right now, and am currently in the process of expanding my styling business here (well, really all over), and am going to start splitting my time between here and New York. That means I need to create a functioning work space while in the PNW, so I’m starting to poke around Pinterest and Instagram to get some inspiration, and am getting really excited at the idea of creating a fresh place to create and film content!


Office Inspo 1


Office Inspo 3


The images above are of some offices that really inspire me and make me feel as if I can completely transform even just a wall with the right pieces and decor. I am making progress on my new work space and just finished painting the walls so now it’s time for the fun stuff! Right now I am in the market for a new desk, some rugs, shelving, art work, and plants that are fairly resilient. If you guys have any recommendations, I would love to hear your suggestions! xo

Sorry for that brief hiatus last week! Between traveling to Seattle (I’m currently expanding my business out west and transitioning to becoming bicoastal), work projects and clients, my poor blog fell to the wayside. But not to worry, I am back and getting into a good groove here. Right now, my main home project I am working on is decorating my new work space and turning it into an awesome studio where I can film all my YouTube videos. I am really excited to share the process along with the before and after photos with you guys, so stay tuned for that very soon. In the mean time, I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start and that the month of August is treating you well so far. Thanks for hanging in there with me during these changing times, I so appreciate your patience, support and understanding! xo

Shopbop and The Daily party in East Hampton 1


Earrings (gift) | Tank (gift) | Shorts (gift) | Sandals (gift) | Bracelet (borrowed from Sarah Magid)

On Saturday I hopped on the train and headed out to East Hampton for the Shopbop x The Daily party with a bunch of girlfriends and it was so much fun! I was only there for about 24 hours, but it was worth every second. I’m really happy I had a relaxing weekend because I’m going to be hitting the ground running tomorrow since I leave for Seattle on Sunday and am bringing Susan with me this time! I haven’t figured out if I am going to partially sedate her, but if you guys have any insight or experiences with that, please let me know! I feel a little bittersweet about leaving New York during the last month of summer because I love weekends away like the one I just had, but I keep reminding myself that summers in Seattle are just about perfect, with sunny days and no humidity. So I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit, spending time with friends and family and soaking up the ocean air with visits to my favorite beach. Hope you guys have a great week!

Shopbop and The Daily party in East Hampton 2


This past weekend, my best friend from college came out to visit me for a long weekend, and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I’ve been going through a lot of transition lately and sometimes you just need your people to rally around you to make it all feel better. I keep reminding myself that I need to just take one step at a time and things will fall into place the way they are intended to, but that can be hard when you are in thick of change, uncertainty and life challenges. Anyway, things are looking up and I feel so lucky to have such supportive and amazing people in my life that love and take care of me. Thank you, Eang, for coming out. I love you! xo

I hope you all had a great weekend and now for some links I am excited to share with you guys!

I think it’s safe to say I am a perfume junkie. I just added this unexpected scent to my collection.

I’m heading to Seattle for the rest of the summer and think this hat would be perfect for casual afternoons at the park.

I see these backpacks everywhere and really want this mini guy in graphite.

I put this on everything I eat now.

Three LWDs for under $100: here, here and here.

And now some fun links courtesy of my lovely intern, Keaton.

I’m obsessed with this show. It’s so juicy and dark.

This magnet is so cute and so accurate.

This brand is one of my new favorites. How pretty are their necklaces?

My new favorite coffee table book. Writers and their clothing? Sign me up.

I love this top, such a cool take on a button up.


Summer hair care - christine cameron

Last March, I started my transition to becoming a blonde, and ever since I’ve been picking up tips on how to take care of my lighter locks. The last time I was this blonde, I was in college and I definitely didn’t take very good care of my hair, but now that I have the resources as well as great experts at my fingertips, I’ve made a pact with myself to actually do it right this time around. So with that said, I wanted to share a few summer hair care tips that I picked up from Elaine, the Senior Creative Director at the Sassoon Salon in New York!


Sassoon - collage 3

Read on to hear her four easy tips on taking care of your hair this summer!

read more >

Link Love - Birthday weekend

I spent the weekend celebrating my Birthday at the The Crow’s Nest in Montauk, and it was such a magical time. Spending time outdoors in Utah was incredible and definitely a much needed escape from the city, but there is something about being by the ocean that resonates with me so deeply. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m a Cancer, which is a very watery sign!

I hope you all had a great weekend and now for some links I am excited to share with you guys!

Great article on anxiety.

My new favorite ultra hydrating face cream, which is awesome if you have dry skin like me!

The perfect pair of summer sandals.

After reading this article on Facebook, I discovered my new favorite Instagram account.

This $2 eyeliner has been a game changer.

My love of hats continues. Thinking about adding this one to my summer collection.

Three movies that I highly recommend checking out: The Beguiled, The Big Sick and Good Fortune.

I just bought a box of individual coconut oil packets from Trader Joe’s! Genius for traveling.

And now some fun links courtesy of my lovely intern, Keaton.

I’m always looking for new ways to up my sneaker game. These are currently on my list.

Definitely an interesting read.

My favorite free thing to do in NYC.

If you are an animal lover, then you have to start following this Instagram account. It’s my favorite.

This is the third Link Love post I’ve done and I was curious if you guys liked it, and want me to keep it going? I know I always love when other people share their favorite links so let me know your thoughts!

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