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Guess who’s flying out to Santa Fe tomorrow?! ME! I’m pretty excited to have a change of scenery that is so drastically different than the two coasts that I call my homes. I’m looking forward to desert, dry heat, large open spaces, turquoise… Yep, you could say I’m super stoked.

So I thought instead of sharing outfit photos today, I would do a little roundup of some inspiration photos that I found on Pinterest that struck me as very Southwest meets Boho-chic, if you will.

I’ll be honest, I packed extremely light for this trip home to Seattle and Santa Fe, but I brought with me a few brightly colored dresses, a pair of fringed boots and a couple of hats, which I plan on wearing all this week, so I promise to share a bunch of outfit photos this Thursday as well as next week too.


I also plan on doing some light shopping in Santa Fe and Taos, hopefully snagging another piece of turquoise jewelry, since I absolutely love the ring my parents bought for me from their last trip to Santa Fe, and maybe an accessory or two (read more boots and hats).

Anyhoo, here are some photos that are inspiring me at the moment. Stay tuned for my YouTube video tomorrow, which will share what I am bringing with me on my trip, as well as the usual Weekly Edit blog post, which will feature more shoppable Southwest-inspired, must-have pieces for the wardrobe! xo





In case you haven’t seen my turquoise ring that I am referring to above – here is a photo of it below.



Top left photo: January 2013 / Top right photo: January 2012 / Bottom left photo: January 2011 / Bottom right photo: January 2010
Happy New Year, everyone! I decided to take a little blogging break over the holidays and just focus on spending quality time with my family and friends, so I apologize if I seemed a little MIA over the past week and a half. But, I am back and ready to take on 2014 whole heartedly!
As much as I love looking towards the future, I also love looking back. So, I thought it would be fun to take a quick walk through memory lane with these photos, which date all the way back to January 2010 (although I’ve been blogging since 2009, I didn’t start posting outfit posts until about a year later).
It’s amazing to see how my style has evolved as well as my photography style. I definitely have cringe-worthy moments when I go back through my archives, but I think it’s very important to remember where I started, what I was thinking about, and now where I want to go. I have been thinking very hard about my work related New Year’s resolutions and will be sharing those here soon.
So, with this new year upon us, I just want to say how very thankful I am for the amazing experiences this blog has brought me over the past five years, and how incredibly grateful I am to you, my sweet readers. Without you, I wouldn’t have an audience or the support it takes to keep on keeping on. So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there. Here’s to an incredible year, everyone. Let’s do this, 2014! xo


HRH Necklace (c/o) / F21 Sweater / 7FAM Jeans (c/o) / Corso Como Shoes (c/o) / Coach Watch / J.Crew Bangles





This past month, I have been working with 7FAM to make four of my New Year’s resolutions come true (you can read about the other three here, here and here) and today brings me to my final one. I have always wanted to learn photoshop and be able to make my blog better by honing my creative skills, so when the opportunity came up to attend a two-day workshop called Blogshop, I jumped at the chance. You can read all about it here, but the site describes the class as a Photoshop bootcamp where you learn the basics from scratch as well as some more advanced techniques to apply to your own layouts and blog. I seriously can’t wait! Thanks 7FAM for helping my make four wonderful resolutions come true!
P.S. My good friend Ashley took these photos this past weekend while in East Hampton, but I imagine I will wear something just as bright and colorful to class on Tuesday and Wednesday. :)


Mezzmer “Dean” Sunglasses / Urban Outfitters Scarf (similar version here) / Maje Jacket (majorly on sale!) / F21 Sweater / 7FAM Jeans (c/o) / Corso Como Boots (c/o – available here in black) / 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel





Photos by: Lydia Hudgens
Today marks the third week of my collaboration with 7FAM jeans! (You can read all about my first and second week and resolutions here and here.) With all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, I’m finding that as much as I need to leave this lovely city from time to time, I also need to start taking more advantage of what it has to offer. There are so many restaurants and bars I haven’t tried, that are literally around the corner from my apartment, and there are certain museums and even monuments that, even though  I have lived in New York for 8 1/2 years, I still have not been to. So I’ve decided that I need to take a few weekend staycations, where I visit places like the Transit MuseumBAM and International Center of Photography or enjoy a glass of wine at Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar and eat at The Little Owl. Basically, vacationing and exploring in my very own city. So here’s to sticking around town! xo
P.S. The white flecks you can see on my sweater was the start of the big snow we just had!


Zara Vest, Blazer, Shirt and Shoes / HRH Necklace (c/o) / Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Vest / 7FAM Jeans (c/o) / Westward Leaning Sunglasses / Givenchy Pandora Bag





Photos by Kristen
Welcome to week two of my collaboration with 7FAM jeans! You can read all about last week and my first resolution by clicking here. But today I am introducing my second New Year’s resolution, which is to continue to travel and explore places I have always wanted to visit outside of New York City.
Last week I was lucky enough to spend five days in Copenhagen for Fashion Week. Amongst going to shows, I also went on a canal ride, visited the Royal Palace and had a tour of Georg Jensen’s studio headquarters. I spent time with new friends eating traditional Danish food, drinking wine and wandering around getting lost. It was wonderful, despite the dropping temperatures.
I know that I was extremely lucky with all the travel I was able to do in 2012 and I also know that to keep my drive, passion and ambitions strong I need to keep exploring and seeing what’s out there. Getting out of town reminds me that there is a whole big world outside of this little bubble/island we call Manhattan. And as much as I love New York City, I need to leave occasionally in order to reboot and ground myself. So, whether it’s for a long weekend upstate or for a week in another country, here’s to more traveling and exploring in 2013! xo

As an ambassador for Diet Coke®The Heart Truth®, which I previously mentioned in this post, the cause is building its momentum online, asking followers to show their hearts by using the hashtag #ShowYourHeart.

wear red day

And now that February 1st is upon us (today is National Wear Red Day!) throughout the month, every fan that uploads a heart-inspired photo to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ShowYourHeart, Diet Coke will make a $1 donation to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (up to $100,000) to support heart health research and programs. So great, don’t you think?!

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 4.01.23 PM

I will be attending the 2013 Red Dress CollectionSM Fashion Show in NYC next week so stay tuned, but in the meantime learn more about the program and how to get involved by clicking here! xo




Karen Walker Sunglasses / Ann Taylor Necklace / Zara Shirt / F21 Sweater / J.Crew Blazer and Bracelet / Gap Legging Jeans / Pour La Victoire Wedges / Coach Watch / 3.1 Philip Lim BagDSC_0068








When there are this many beautiful leaves on the ground, the obvious thing to do is to pick them up and throw them in the air in celebration of Fall, right?! So, I’m back in New York now, and the weather is very different from Seattle. It was freezing when I stepped off the plane at 6am yesterday morning, but it was bright and sunny and the city felt hopeful. I feel so incredible lucky that my apartment, for the most part, was spared from the storm, but my thoughts are constantly with the people less fortunate. And, since I am traveling a lot over the next two months and am not around to physically help out, I have been trying to figure an alternative option. There is Red Cross, which is great, but when I saw this list that my dear friend Keiko Lynn posted on her blog (see below) I jumped at the chance to donate, and to share it with you all. Because every bit counts. xo

Via Keiko Lynn’s Blog:

  • Volunteer on site or at a local shelter, or donate supplies. This site is a great hub for volunteer and donation information – and you can find up to the minute updates on their twitter @occupysandy. If you don’t have a car, they  arrange transportation from specific locations. If you want to donate supplies, check the lists for needed items – they’re updated regularly.
  • Donate to help feed hot meals through NYC food trucks. They’ve been driving to badly affected areas and feeding hot meals to thousands of hungry people who were affected by the hurricane. With this crazy cold weather, canned goods aren’t going to cut it. Give the gift of a hot meal.
  • Donate to Masbia soup kitchen. They’re feeding the seniors at the Park Slope Armory, as well as other locations. They also feed people in need, year round.
  • Donate to Robin Hood’s Sandy Relief Fund. They support over 200 of the best NYC programs to fight poverty year round and are transparent about their costs; they have a four star rating on charity navigator. Your donations will go toward relief for hurricane victims, and they’ll see to it that it will go where it’s needed most. You can also view a list of the programs they support here.
  • Organize a fundraiser, bake sale, or at least share links of twitter and facebook! Keiko’s cousin Shana and a group of volunteers (parents and children alike) were able to raise over $6,000 for Masbia with a couple of bake sales near Prospect Park.



Home for the holidaysAnthropologie Dress / Nine West Pumps and Clutch / F21 Earrings / Revlon Lipstick in Sable (worn here)

With the holidays upon us, I was excited to team up with Nine West for a fun little segment that I’m calling, “Home for the Holidays.” Seeing that I am headed back to Seattle in a week, I began thinking of all the festive parties and events coming up. There is one in particular, which is being thrown by my parents as a little welcome home soiree for me and “A” and I am really looking forward to it. Nothing over the top, but it will definitely be a good time, as my Mother is the ultimate hostess and is a genius at creating subtle yet creative details all throughout the house. I have seen her do this for many years now and always wonder if I will ever have the patience and talent to pull it off.

So, seeing that this little party that is quickly approaching, I decided to create my ideal ensemble based around my new Nine West pumps and sparkly clutch. I love this dress (it’s definitely on my wish list!) and decided to keep the outfit playful and creative by mixing patterns. Then to ground the outfit, I kept the rest of the look chic, by opting for black accessories and a moody “Sable” lip by Revlon. Here’s to the holidays! xo

Here are a few entertaining and decorating tips from my Mom:

~ Think about lighting. Candles add their own special touch and white italian lights wrapped holly inside a glass bowl instantly add a festive touch.

~ Always play music in the background but don’t let it overpower the party.

~ As for food, make sure there is something there for everyone. Serve things that are good for your guests but that taste good too. I always invest in quality cheeses, breads, fruits and veggies. Hot soups are fun too!

~ Most importantly, make sure everyone feels welcomed and that the atmosphere is celebratory. During the holidays, it’s all about getting together with loved ones, enriching relationships and embracing the season.

Thanks Mom!

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