Earth Day DIY: Turn Empty Aveeno Bottles into Mini Cement Planters!

Guys, I DIYed something! Can you tell I’m very excited about it? I’d like to think my friend Jenni of I Spy DIY would be really proud of me and my efforts, seeing that I don’t often take on crafty endeavors, but in the spirit of Earth Day, I decided that I wanted to take a crack at upcycling one of my empty Aveeno bottles. I was inspired by this post and from that, I created a fun mini planter for my baby air plant.

The directions below are fairly straightforward but please be careful when using an exacto knife to cut the plastic bottle off and away from the cement. It can get a little dicey if you don’t totally know what your doing – case in point, my Dad had to help me in the end so I didn’t get all impatient and accidentally end up slicing my finger. Also, I made the mistake of not coating the cap that went inside the cement and had to pop it out with pliers. Oops.

For more in-depth directions, read this post by Paper & Stitch, which was my original inspiration! xoxoxo,


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