What I Wore To Pick Out Our First Christmas Tree!


Hat | Vest | Sweater | Turtleneck | Jeans | Boots | Sunglasses

On Saturday, Nate and I bought our first Christmas tree together! It would have been super fun to drive out to a tree farm and cut down our own, but we had a pretty packed weekend, so decided to go to local lot near the apartment. I wanted to look festive so I opted for my favorite little reindeer sweater, which is very holiday-centric because I figured, what better place to wear it when picking out a Christmas tree, right?!


And now a few iPhone pics from our day…

This photo cracks me up because we were so excited about our tree and wanted to capture the moment. I handed my phone to the guy who was helping us load it up onto the car, and before I could make any suggestions on how I wanted the photo taken, he snapped the picture, handed the phone back to me and said “that ok?”. This photo has now become a huge joke between me and Nate and we laugh every time we look at. It seriously looks like we placed the phone on the hood of the car, set a self timer and hoped for the best haha!

We ran out of lights, so the bottom half still needs to be wrapped but you can see some of the ornaments we decorated with below, which are mostly from my Grandparents throughout my childhood. We are going to add in some of Nate’s as well, but I can’t wait to start collecting our own especially because this holiday marks our first Christmas together!

Merry, merry! Hope you all have a great day today and thanks for stopping by! xo

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