How To Spend an Afternoon at Pike Place Market during Christmastime

I love downtown Seattle at Christmastime. It’s so festive, everyone is bustling about and all the decorations make me smile. Nate and I recently ventured down to Pike Place Market a couple of Sunday’s ago for a project I did for eBay and then ended up just wandering around taking in the sights.

How To Spend an Afternoon at Pike Place Market during Christmastime:

1. Start by walking through the main cobblestone street of the market and check out all the Christmas decorations. There are an abundance of wreaths, lights and trees surrounding the outside of the actual market, which is just so festive and pretty. If you are hoping to grab a coffee from the original Starbucks that is located on the same strip, you’re in for a quite the wait. It gets pretty hairy in there due to the influx of tourists, so I would bypass that and head to Storyville Coffee instead, which is located inside the market. They are on the top floor of the Corner Market building at First & Pike in Pike Place Market. Stand on the red cobblestone and look toward the iconic red neon “Public Market Center” clock-sign, and their building will be on your right. To get to the top floor, take the stairs or the elevator. Watch this video to learn more!

2. Afterwards, take a long leisurely stroll through the actual market and check out all the local vendors. There are so many little businesses tucked away on the different floors, so make sure to take your time and really soak it in.  (Make sure to walk past the restaurant that was featured in Sleepless in Seattle!) If you need a little bite to eat, pop on over to The Crumpet Shop located on the 1st avenue side of the market. They have both sweet and savory options and they are simply delicious, especially when they are hot out of the oven!

3. For a break from all the crowds, make your way to the recently opened MarketFront and grab a beer at Old Stove Brewing, (which is also kid friendly). There are amazing views of Elliott Bay/Puget Sound, the Seattle Great Wheel, and you can watch all the ferries coming and going. If beer isn’t your thing, there are other vendors located inside, such as Indi Chocolate if you’re in the mood for something sweet!

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Seattle, especially if you have never been! If you get a chance to go, leave me a comment and tell me what you did and how you liked it!


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Christmas trees, wreaths and twinkly lights, oh my!


Old Stove

Photos by me and Nathan :)

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