The Convertible Shirtdress

Banana Republic x Piece & Co. Silk Shirt Dress 1


Sunglasses | Dress (gift) | Bodysuit | Shorts | Shoes

I received this beautiful dress earlier this week and was so excited to finally see it in person. I love the color and pattern and the material is silky and feels really good on…

The thing is, it’s meant to be worn as a dress – buttoned up with the drawstring belt cinched at the waist – but after trying it on, I didn’t like the way it laid across my chest so instead I decided to unbutton it all the way down and wear it over the top of a fitted body suit, with cutoffs and my new gray sandals.

Takeaway tip: Don’t ever be afraid to tweak or play around with your clothing in terms of how you wear it. Just because it might be meant to be worn a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to stick to that. Remember to think outside the box!

Banana Republic x Piece & Co. Silk Shirt Dress 3Banana Republic x Piece & Co. Silk Shirt Dress 4BR x Piece & Co Collage Banana Republic x Piece & Co. Silk Shirt Dress 2

Photos by: Lydia Hudgens

Piece & Co. works with primarily women artisans around the world to develop their businesses, create consistent employment, and pave the way for brighter futures for their families and communities, one piece at a time. Banana Republic partnered with Piece & Co. to create one-of-a-kind pieces, handcrafted with unique textiles that showcase the beauty of these time-honored techniques. 

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