Trend Tuesday: Velvet’s Back!

da7d8b48878e87f274911d6ca19d16f6I’ll admit, I don’t always buy into trends because I tend be more into buying classic pieces or items I can wear for years to come, but then again, playing around with trends can be pretty fun. For instance, crushed velvet, chokers, chunky heeled boots and bodysuits are all back and to be honest, it’s both weird and amazing to see styles that you wore as an adolescent or teen come back around when you’re in 30s. At first it’s sort kind of conflicting – do you push back and refuse to get on the bandwagon because it reminds you too much of your youth or do you say screw it, and embrace it by putting a new twist on the trend? In this case, I am all about embracing the fact that velvet is having a major moment right now, so I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of some pieces from around the web that I have my eye on. What do you guys think of wearing velvet? Are you into it? Let me know in the comments. Click on the images below to shop! xo


(Photos via Pinterest)

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