MSP Home: Apartment Living Room Updates!

Christine Cameron living room coffee table with Susan

Remember last month when I shared this photo of my living room and talked about all the things I wanted to do to it? Well it’s been a little over a month and we have made a few changes, so click the read more below to find out!

Christine Cameron living room with new pillowcases from H&M home

Progress Updates:

Rug: We planned on ordering this one…and we did! I love the bold black and white pattern and how fresh and clean it feels in the space. We used to have this rug in the living room, but we moved it into the bedroom and I love how soft it feels on my feet in the morning. :)

Plant: Originally, we were thinking about this one or this one but after a Saturday visit to the flower district, we stopped into Foliage Paradise. They were so helpful with finding us the right plant that would not only work with hardly any light, but that would also be pet friendly. We quickly learned that a lot of the plants that I originally had wanted, would make Susan sick if she ingested any part of it. Yikes! I also originally thought I might want a leafy, palm-like plant but we were advised against that unless we her to be batting at it all the time, which would eventually ruin it. So, we ended up going with a large Cornstalk Dracaena, (I couldn’t find a real one online, so here is a silk version so at least you can see what it looks like.) We named her Gladys and she lives in the far corner of our living room next to Casey’s vintage speaker. :) I will snap a photo of that area soon to share with you guys.

Pillows: It was definitely time to switch up the pillowcases. I have had them for about four years now and they were just starting to look worn out. I ended up finding two small palm printed pillows off Etsy, and the other cases (the black ones are reversible and I can’t seem to find the white ones online but believe they are available in the store) are from H&M home. I also scooped up this one because I love giraffes, so I couldn’t resist. :) I love finding inexpensive decorative pillowcases because you can easily change the feel and colors of the room just by switching them out every so often.

Table tray: I finally ordered this gold tray from West Elm! (It’s sitting on the coffee table in the photo above.)

Ottoman: We are still deciding between this one (we would get two and place them side by side) or this one, which I know Susan would love. What do you guys think? I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because they are both on the pricier side in my opinion, so I would love any other suggestions on where to find cute ottomans or seating options that aren’t bulky or too expensive.

Paint: We swapped out the dark turquoise in the living room for a pretty light gray, which I love, but because the rest of the room is painted an off-white, it now makes the other walls look yellow in comparison. :/ We will hopefully eventually tackle that, but it’s fine for now.

Next up…our bedroom!

Christine Cameron before bedroom photograph

As you can see, the bedroom is in a very bare state. Slowly but surely we have made some progress from where it was, but we still have a little ways to go. Read on to see what we plan to do!

Changes coming:

Paint: We desperately need to do this! We are going with either Grizzle Gray or Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams.

Nightstands: We are both using really awkward, mismatched tables that have no storage, which I find frustrating. I wanted this one, but unfortunately it’s no longer available. So if you guys have any suggestions where I can find a white, metal nightstand, or maybe a pretty mirrored version, leave me a comment below! These are the lamps I found at Target, which I love.

Art: We are going to hang this print, which was a gift from Minted, above our console.

Bedding: Thankfully, we are in good shape in this department! We have a new mattress from Helix, which you can read all about here, and I love our bedding. We alternate between this set from Brooklinen and these dark gray sheets and light gray duvet from H&M Home. I originally got these pillows for the living room, but they look much better in the bedroom, paired with these simple white linen cases.

More updates to come soon, so stay tuned!


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