MSP Home: Living Room, In Progress…


For those of you that follow on me Instagram or Facebook, I am sure you saw the first photo I shared of my gallery wall or this photo, which is similar to the one above. I love my apartment and have lived in it for quite a long time now, first with a roommate, then by myself and now with Casey, and it’s truly become my New York home. I say New York home because I also consider my house in Seattle, my other home. Call me bi-coastal I guess. :) Anyway, I have been working really hard at getting the space to where I want it (with Casey weighing in as well of course) and last night I was finally happy enough with it to take a photo to share the progress with you guys!

Changes made:

Paint: The main wall used to be a dark turquoise and now it’s a pretty light gray. I love it so much.

Gallery wall: It’s finally hung – it only took me a few years. Eeep! The prints are a mix of things I have collected over the years as well as pieces from Minted (this one makes me smile and this one will be hung in the bedroom) and The Animal Print Shop (this and this). I used a great guy named Jason from Thumbtack to hang everything – he was friendly, fast and professional.

Art: The Givenchy print, which I got from One Kings Lane, used to be on the wall between the two windows, but I swapped it out with our new print, courtesy of Minted.

Chair: I brought my acrylic chair from Ikea up from my office and decided to use it as accent seating versus the previous dark velvet chair I had there before. I just felt like the shape and material of the new piece lightened up the space more and I had fun covering it in a faux sheepskin throw and cheeky Kate Spade throw pillow. I also found a perfect spot to display my ten years worth of Vogue magazines without taking up any room!


Changes coming:

Rug: Planning on ordering this one.

Plant: It will go in the far corner next to the other window and according to The Sill, I think this one or this one will do well with the amount of light and space.

Pillows: I have the inserts, so now we just need different cases to freshen up our couchscape.

Table tray: I love this one in gold from West Elm.

Ottoman: I can’t decide between this one or this one.

Paint: We painted the main wall a pretty light gray but now I am thinking about painting the whole room the same shade. I am not loving how the “apartment white” on the other walls looks so yellow in comparison.

Stay tuned for more updates on my Snapchat, Instagram, (both handles are @mystylepill) and of course, here on the blog! xo

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