My Favorite Dark Berry Lipsticks by NARS

Nars Lipstick

I started wearing NARS lipstick last year sometime when I saw a girl wearing the most beautiful berry color and asked her what it was, which she told me was called Bette. Then a few months ago, I swung into the NARS store on Bleecker to check out any other fall colors I might need and that’s when I discovered Charlotte. I was so taken with it I had to get it!

Anyway, above are some recent photos where I am wearing these two lipsticks so you can see what they look like on. In the first and second photo, I am wearing Bette, and in the third photo I am wearing Charlotte. I will say, that lipstick shades can look different on everyone due to your natural lip color and just generally how different colors wear next to your skin tone.

Shop my favorite dark berry NARS lip colors below, along with my favorite matching nail polishes from Deborah Lippmann, perfect for the holiday season!

Takeaway Tips On Wearing Dark Lipstick:

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! It’s funny how the seasons that are the most fun to wear dark lipstick, tend to be the hardest time to actually wear them! Isn’t that ironic? I don’t know about you, but my lips get super chapped and start peeling the minute the temperatures drop, and let’s be honest, that’s not a cute look when you are wearing a dark berry lip!

So with that said, I recommend Mary Kay Satin Lips Set, which comes with one Satin Lips Lip Mask, which buffs away dry skin, and one Satin Lips Lip Balm, that moisturizes and helps keep lips soft.

After you’ve pampered your lips, make sure to line them with either a sheer liner or one that is a close match to the color you are wearing. I like NARS Velvet Lip Liner in Belle Mare, which works well with Bette and Charlotte, or really any dark berry lip color.

Once your lips are lined, fill them in with your color of choice, et voila! You have beautiful berry colored lips!


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