shop-my-faves One of the many reasons I love visiting Seattle, is Nordstrom is at my fingertips. I love going into the downtown store, especially during the holidays because it’s so festive and cheerful. The salespeople are friendly and helpful and there is a plethora of goodness surrounding you everywhere you turn. I grew up going to Nordstrom and to this day, it still holds a special place in my heart – almost nostalgia-like. Anyway, for those of you that don’t have an actual brick and mortar store to visit, I thought I would bring it to you, online. It’s just a small little round-up, but below are a few of my favorite things right now – most of which I already own. A mix of practical to classic to cheeky items –  everything is under $300. And with all the gifting we are doing for our loved ones right now, I think it’s nice to remember to treat ourselves to something as well during this crazy shopping season, don’t you think? xo
  • Jessica Rose

    Shopping is very intense cardio…certainly gets my heart beating fast! ;)

  • Katherine Cole

    I love shopping it is my guilty/not so guilty pleasure. And OMG bangs!!! Love love love them!! Make me wanna cut mine again :)

  • Sofia

    LOVE that sweater.

    Hope you’re done with your holiday shopping. Merry Christmas!