Sneak Peek: Clients, Computers and Coffee Breaks


For those of you who don’t know this about me, in addition to maintaining this blog and collaborating on brand campaigns, I work as a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant. Though I generally keep my job separate from this platform, it’s been my career for the past five years and is a huge part of my life. So when Staples asked me to use their Arc Notebook and demonstrate how I put it to use, I thought it was the perfect time to explain how I prepare for new or existing clients.


( First things first: When preparing to meet with a new or existing client, I will usually jot down notes or ideas beforehand: what we’ve discussed their current style is, what they want it to be and how we are going to accomplish that – whether it’s trends we want to try or places we want to shop. Much of what I eventually do with my clients is very hands-on and the final looks are captured on camera, but my preliminary process involves, a pen, a notebook, and often Pinterest to get the ball rolling and create a place to help my notes and ideas come to life. )


¬†As a child (of the 80s, I might add), I loved writing and would collect all sorts of stationery, sticky pads and notebooks. To this day, I have boxes of pretty paper and so many random half used notebooks, it’s not even funny. In an age where everything is electronic and done on computers, iPads and iPhones, I find myself even more drawn to putting pen to paper. There is something satisfying about seeing my ideas and thoughts come to life on a fresh sheet of paper. As I’ve gotten older, much of the work I do requires lists and note taking. I have come to rely on larger, sturdier notebooks that aren’t flimsy and are easy to flip through. With that said, I am happy to say that this Arc Notebook fits all of my criteria and has been perfect for client meetings, jotting notes and just generally keeping me organized. Do you guys have a system when it comes to keeping yourself on track?
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