Make A Scene With French Connection

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I’ve always loved making fun mini films on my iPhone or back in the day, walking around with my video camera capturing funny moments of my friends, but I never took the time to truly edit the film, add music or make it into anything worth sharing. So, when I was introduced to a special film making application by French Connection, which allows you to make a unique scene from pre-made film clips from their new campaign, I jumped at the chance to give it a try.
All the backdrops are set in the lovely town of Portofino, Italy and is all about whimsy and romance. What’s fun is, it’s all up to you and takes a matter of maybe five minutes. You get to be the director and create the perfect mini film, all edited together for you at the end.
The next best thing is, once you have created your film, you can enter it in their contest and get a chance to win a trip to the Sydney Film Festival, complete with a shopping spree, and your scene will be played live in French Connection stores as part of their campaign.
You can watch my mini film here, which I based off of two best girlfriends that are on a spring break together in Europe, which is very reminiscent of how I spent my junior year abroad with one of my best friends, frolicking around the mediterranean coast – just us being girlie, and it was a blast. Hope you enjoy!
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